Admission Requirements



Program Admission Requirements

Applicants who have submitted completed applications, including all documents listed

below, by the application deadline will be given priority for admission consideration.

applications received after the deadline will be given consideration on a space available

basis. Incomplete applications will not be given consideration.


Application deadlines:

April 1- Fall Semester

November 1- Spring Semester



Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for the program:


  1. The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program uses the GRE scores as only one factor in the admission process. The program has the following expectations for GRE scores:


  • GRE taken August 2011 or after:

Verbal score: 145

Quantitative score: 145


  • GRE taken prior to August 2011:

Verbal score: 450

Quantitative score: 450


**If the scores are less than the minimum expectations, the applicant must submit a

    written letter of appeal to the Director of the Doctoral Program within ten (10)

    calendar days of being notified of the result of the application to the program.


  2.  Master's Degree from an accredited university

  3.  GPA of 3.00 on all graduate-level course work

  4.  At least three (3) years of appropriate professional experience

  5.  Satisfactory standing in the last institution attended

  6.  For applicants whose native language is not English, a score on the English

       proficiency examination (TOEFL) of at least 24 on each of the components (Writing,

       reading, peaking, and Listening).


Tenured Consortium University faculty members above the rank of instructor may not be

admitted into the doctoral program.


Students who do not have a master's degree in school administration or the equivalent,

may be required to complete three to nine hours of course work in educational

administration, either before or during the doctoral program. Students who have not

completed courses in graduate statistics and research methods must include these

courses in their program of study.


Application to the Doctor of Education Program Process

An applicant must fully meet all of the Southeastern Louisiana University Graduate

admission requirements to be considered for admission for the Doctor of Education

degree program in Educational Leadership. Two sets of information and documents must

be provided.


*Mail official transcripts of all college coursework (undergraduate and graduate) to:


Director of Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU 10549
Hammond, LA 70402


* Submit the following documents electronically as pdf files to Dr. Jennifer

   Sughrue (, Director of the Doctoral Program in

   Educational Leadership and Technology:


      1.  Completed application form

      2.  Professional resume

      3.  A formal letter of application that must provide:

    • An introduction of the applicant to the admissions committee
    • An explanation of the applicant's interest in educational leadership
    • Reasons why the applicant seeks admission to the doctoral program at Southeastern Louisiana University

      4.  A writing sample that the applicant believes is indicative of her/his ability to

           write on an academic or professional subject


      5.  Names, addresses (office and e-mail), and telephone numbers of the 

           following three individuals:


    • The applicant's direct supervisor
    • A former university professor who can attest to the applicant's ability to successfully complete a doctoral program
    • A third individual who has direct knowledge of the applicant's duties and performance in her/his profession

      6.  Verification of at least three (3) years of appropriate professional experience


      7.  Copy of your Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores (NOTE: If you have not

           taken the GRE, please send your scores directly to Southeastern when you

           take the exam.)


      8.  If necessary, copy of your English proficiency exam (TOEFL) scores.


Once all application materials have been received, the Doctoral Admissions Committee

will jointly review the applicants' materials. The Committee will determine which

applicants will move forward in the application process and schedule an interview on the

Hammond campus. This phase has two components:


      1.  Each applicant must draft an extemporaneous writing sample in response to

           a writing prompt that will be provided on site.

      2.  Following the writing exercise, the applicant will have a face-to-face