Program Overview

Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership

Doctor of Educational Leadership


The Doctor of Education degree program in Educational Leadership is a collaborative degree offered by Southeastern Louisiana Universityand the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The degree program is designed to:

  1. Enhance the knowledge and competencies of leaders so they provide optimal leadership for the education of all learners, both youth and adult.
  2. Prepare leaders who are inquiring, reflective practitioners.
  3. Prepare leaders who are competent in identifying and solving complex problems in education.
  4. Prepare leaders who understand the multitude of leadership and management theories and practice techniques related to their professional settings.
  5. Prepare leaders who value, encourage, and facilitate the professional development of self and others in their organization.
  6. Prepare leaders who demonstrate effective communication skills in both school and non-school settings.
  7. Prepare leaders who value, understand and support diversity in their school organizations.
  8. Prepare leaders who make contributions to the profession.



  • The doctoral program is not designed to lead towards initial Administrative Certification for the State of Louisiana.
  • Students who do not have a master's degree in school administration or the equivalent, may be required to complete three (3) to nine (9) hours of course work in educational administration, either before or during study in the doctoral program.
  • Students must have completed a graduate level course in statistics as a prerequisite to taking the first course in the research core.