Admission Requirements

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

In addition to meeting the general requirements of the University for admission to the School of Graduate Studies, applicants for admission to the Master of Education in Educational Leadership or the Teacher Leader Endorsement must also meet the following criteria. All students for the Teacher Leader Endorsement will be granted Provisional admission status until successful completion of the required six (6) credit hours of coursework.


Applicants must submit a portfolio to the Education Leadership Graduate Program containing the following:

  1. A letter of application that includes the applicant's reasons for selecting this particular career option.
  2. A curriculum vita (resume) including applicant's full name, address, telephone number(s), email address, student identification number (W#), academic preparation, prior related work and leadership experiences, degrees held, honors, awards, special interests, and other appropriate information.
  3. A completed Recommendation Form from a school official who can attest to the applicant's leadership potential and likelihood of success in the program.
  4. Official verification of a minimum 2.5 undergraduate grade point average.
  5. Scores from Verbal and Quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Exam will be taken into consideration.
  6. A valid teaching certificate.
  7. Verification of a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience in either public or private schools.
  8. A Memorandum of Understanding form completed by the designated school officials.


Upon completion of steps 1-8 listed above, candidates may be invited to campus for interviews and to produce a writing sample.



To be considered for admission to the Master of Education Degree with a concentration in Educational Technology Leadership, an applicant must satisfy all University admission requirements, have a graduate GPA of at least 3.0, and hold a standard teaching certificate. The applicant must obtain a score of at least 1,300 points based on the formula of 200 times the undergraduate grade point average plus the General Test (Verbal and Quantitative) score of the Graduate Record Examination. The GRE must be taken prior to or during the first semester of coursework in the student's degree plan. For admission to candidacy for the concentration in Educational Technology Leadership, the student is expected to have a general theoretical understanding of how computers work, along with basic computer competence on either Macintosh or WinTel computer systems in the following areas: operating systems, word processing, graphics, Internet navigation, and electronic mail. Prior to being admitted to the first class in the program, applicants for admission will be required to demonstrate competency in these areas. If deficiencies are detected, the students will be required to develop the necessary skills or complete additional course work before entry to the program is granted. For formal admission to the Educational Technology Leadership program, with the completion of the first twelve (12) hours of the degree plan, the student will be expected to:

  1. Meet all requirements listed above under Admission Requirements.
  2. File a degree plan with the departmental Graduate Coordinator in accordance with the General Requirements for the Master's Degree in the Graduate School section of the General Catalogue.
  3. Submit a formal letter of introduction that identifies the student and his/her purpose in applying for the program.
  4. Participate in a formal interview with the Educational Technology faculty.