Program Overview

Master of Arts in History



Our mission is to train students for careers as teachers and to prepare students for doctoral studies. We introduced a more rigorous and comprehensive curriculum in 1992. Southeastern has the only Master of Arts graduate degree program in history in Louisiana which offers all required courses in the evening. Graduates have entered Ph.D. programs, university and school teaching jobs, and careers in law, government, business, journalism, museology, and tourism. The program offers thesis and non-thesis options and an elective 6-hour minor in Political Science or Philosophy. Teachers with the Master of Arts in Education may receive 12 hours credit (and possibly more) toward the Master of Arts in History for previous graduate Education courses (6 hrs) and approved cognate graduate History courses (6). "The department holds monthly workshops on topics of relevance to graduate students."

The MA in History requires 36 credit hours with a Thesis Option, Non-Thesis Option, or Public History Option. Students in the Thesis and Non-Thesis Options take graduate seminars in Historical Research, American History, British History, European History, Louisiana History, Southern History, and Western Thought. Students in the Public History Option take courses in Historical Research, American History, Public History, and the Public History Internship as well as electives in other areas.