Program Overview

Master of Arts in Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication


The purposes of the Department of Communication are:

  1. To prepare students for the modern workplace or doctoral study.
  2. To provide training in communication theory and skills.
  3. To acquaint students with the latest communication technologies.
  4. To provide students with training in interpersonal communication skills.
  5. To provide students with knowledge about how communication works within an organizational context.


The Master of Arts in Organizational Communication with concentrations in health communication, public relations, news media, sociology, and marketing is designed to give communications students insights into communication problems and issues as they exist in those organizational settings and provide the knowledge, skills and tools to allow such to be addressed.

The Master of Arts in Organizational Communication is a non-thesis degree, requiring a total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. A minimum of twenty-seven (27) hours must be taken in the Department of Communication, and nine (9) hours may be taken from prescribed courses in other departments. The selected courses examine the processes and technologies used to communicate information among businesses, schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations, and will allow a student to focus on his/her area of interest. The program provides two areas of concentration: health communication and marketing.