Frequently Asked Questions

Master of Arts in Psychology

How long does it take to complete the graduate degree?

The length of time required to complete the Master of Arts in Psychology degree depends on whether a student is full time or part time and how the student performs in classes. A full time student taking the minimum course load of 9 graduate credit hours could possibly complete the Master's degree in approximately 5 semesters (21 months) if the student registers for classes during the summer semester. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours (thesis option) or 36 graduate credit hours (non-thesis option) are required to complete the degree.


Are assistantships and/or financial aid available for students working on a degree in this area?

The Master of Arts in Psychology degree program has a limited number of graduate assistantships available. Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and are available for every academic semester of the year. Other aid may be available depending on your financial status. Visit (Web site) to learn what is available.


How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

Students must apply for graduate assistantships through Southeastern's Human Resources web site. All employment, including graduate assistantships, must be completed online. The site is searchable for particular positions, e.g., graduate assistantships.


What is the amount of a graduate assistantship?

Assistantships for Teaching Assistants andResearch Assistantsbegin at $9,000 for the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Students receiving an assistantship also receive a tuition waiver; this includes non-resident fees for students who are not legal residents of Louisiana. The financial package for a Louisiana resident student receiving an assistantship for fall and spring semester including a tuition waiver is valued just over $13,000.


What is required of a student receiving a graduate assistantship?

Job responsibilities and tasks are different depending on which type of graduate assistantship, i.e., TA, or RA, a student receives. All students on graduate assistantships are required to work an average of 20 hours per week and must register for a minimum full course load of graduate credit hours, which is 9 hours per fall and spring semester. Students receiving a graduate assistantship in the summer are required to work an average of 20 hours per week and register for 6 graduate credit hours of course work.


How do I know this degree is for me?

Helpful qualities for our MA students include:

  • An appreciation of a scientific approach to psychology
  • A desire to conduct psychological research
  • Plans to eventually obtain doctoral degree


What are the employment opportunities for a person with a graduate degree in this area? What salary range can be expected with this graduate degree?

Most master's graduates go on to doctoral studies; when they complete the doctoral program, they can expect salaries in the mid-fifties. Students entering the job market at the master's level can expect an average starting salary in the mid-thirties.