Program Overview

Master of Arts in Psychology



The Master of Arts degree program in Psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University is a 38-hour program that typically requires two years to complete. Although not all of our students apply to Ph.D. programs after they complete our program, the focus of the M.A. program is on providing a student with the core training in Psychology that would enable him/her to successfully enter a Ph.D. program as a third year graduate student. Students do not specialize in an area in our program. Students who are going on to Ph.D. programs in applied areas such as Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology will take roughly the same courses as those going on in basic research areas such as Cognitive and Physiological Psychology. However, it is possible to slant one's program in the direction of the specialty area through some of the elective courses (e.g., practicum, independent readings, and independent research) as well as by selecting a thesis director with compatible interests.