Twelve (12) hours of electives are required to reach the thirty-six (36) hours required for the degree. A student must choose 12 hours from one of the concentrations listed below.



SOC 620 Applied Criminological Theory
SOC 630 Race, Gender, Class and The Criminal Justice System
SOC 635 Applied Mapping in the Social Sciences
SOC 640 Forensic Anthropology
SOC 645 Dimensions of Homicide



SOC 625 Population Policy
SOC 650 Applied Study Abroad
SOC 655 Applied Environmental Sociology
SOC 660 Participatory Research and Popular Education
SOC 665 Globalization and Social Transformation


The following courses may be used in any concentration when appropriate and approved by the Graduate Coordinator in the Applied Sociology program: 

SOC 500 Independent Study
SOC 500-Level Courses
SOC 595 Special Topics Seminar
SOC 607 Public Policy 
SOC 690 Independent Study in Applied Sociology
SOC 698 Special Topics in Applied Sociology
ANTH 698 Special Topics in Anthropology
GEOG 698 Special Topics in Geography
CJ 698 Special Topics in Criminal Justice