Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Teaching



To receive the Master of Arts in Teaching degree, a student must:

  1. Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA with no grade below 'C' and not more than one “C” grade on graduate work.
  2. Enroll in and/or withdraw from any MAT course only twice.
  3. Repeat only two MAT courses.
  4. Be recommended for the degree by the department's graduate coordinator upon completion of all requirements stated in the degree plan.
  5. Satisfactorily complete 39 semester hours of graduate work for the concentration in elementary education for Grades 1-5.
  6. Satisfactorily complete an oral defense.
  7. Pass all required PRAXIS examinations.

Concentrations in Elementary (Grades 1-5)

Knowledge of the Learner and Learning Environment (15 hours)

MAT 610 Fundamentals I: Teaching and Learning for General Education (3 hours)
MAT 615 Fundamentals II: Teaching and Learning for Special Education (3 hours)
MAT 620 Learning and Behavior Theories in General and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)
MAT 622 Classroom Management and Organization for Elementary and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)
MAT 630 Assessment I: General and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)


Methodology and Teaching (18 hours)

MAT 631 Assessment II: Elementary and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)
MAT 640 Introduction to Reading and Language Arts for Elementary and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)
MAT 650 Integrated Learning Methods: Math, Physical Science, and Information Literacy (3 hours)
MAT 651 Integrated Learning Methods: Life Sciences, Health and P.E.,and Information Literacy (3 hours)
MAT 652 Integrated Learning Methods: Social Studies, Arts, Music,and Information Literacy (3 hours)
MAT 670 Research Design for General and Mild/Moderate Special Education (3 hours)


Student Teaching/Internship (6-9 hours)

MAT 689 Student Teaching in Elementary (6 hours)
MAT 688 Internship in Elementary Education (6 hours)
(2 consecutive semesters 3 hours each semester)

Total 39 hours



As part of the College of Education and Human Development focus on performance-based outcomes, portfolios will be incorporated into the assessment system for students enrolled in an approved Teacher Education Program.

The portfolio will allow the students to demonstrate, through reflections, their understanding of how the artifacts contained in the portfolio meet the program outcomes; provide a process by which a student can become a reflective practitioner to foster continuous improvement; and document a student's growth in the program. The portfolio will consist of artifacts, documents, and evidence which demonstrate that the knowledge, skills, and dispositions as indicated in the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching and the program's Conceptual Framework have been met. Students will submit an Introductory Level Portfolio after successful completion of MAT 610, MAT 615, MAT 620, and MAT 630. The Developing Level Portfolio will be submitted as a prerequisite for student teaching or internship. The Competency level Portfolio and oral defense are required for graduation.


Student Teaching

Student teaching is an all day (approximately eight hours), all semester activity. The student teacher will be required to spend the full public school day, plus any additional conference or seminar time in this experience. The Director of Student Teaching will make the assignments for each student teacher. All possible considerations will be given, but it is the responsibility of the student teacher to make arrangements to meet the conditions of the assignment that is made. Student teaching must be completed in the teacher education service region of Southeastern Louisiana University. Those districts include the following: Ascension Parish, City of Bogalusa, East Baton Rouge Parish, Jefferson Parish (Kenner and Metairie area), Livingston Parish, St. Charles Parish, St. John Parish, St. Tammany Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, and Washington Parish.


Requirements for Student Teaching

The State Department of Education regulations for certification of teachers require that students do their student teaching under the control and supervision of the institution from which they expect to be graduated. To be eligible for student teaching, students must:

  • Make application for student teaching one semester prior to the semester during which they plan to do their student teaching. The Director of Student Teaching will assign the grade or subject, and the supervising teachers under whom the student will work.
  • Pass all required Praxis examinations: PPST, Content Specialty Area(s) and PLT.
  • Pass the Introductory Level and Developing Level of the Portfolio.
  • Complete all required MAT coursework with a cumulative 3.0 average with no grade below “C” and not more than one “C” grade on graduate work.
  • Have approval of the Director of Student Teaching.


Internship Year

An internship may be approved in lieu of student teaching. An internship consists of two consecutive semesters of teaching at an approved school site at the appropriate grade level and in the area of certification. Students may qualify for a year-long internship in teacher education service region of Southeastern Louisiana University.

To qualify for an internship, a student must provide:

  • Verification that all prerequisites have been met the semester prior to the Internship.
  • Verification that all required parts of the Praxis have been successfully passed.
  • Written recommendation from all of the candidates' methods instructors and a rating using the Professional Attributes and Characteristics Scale.
  • Completed application for MAT internship.
  • Verification that the school has a state approved classification.
  • Verification that the school is accredited by the regional accrediting agency.
  • Verification that the principal/assistant principal has certification in principalship and training in supervision.
  • Verification that the principal/assistant principal has served in this role for a minimum of three years.
  • Signed Principal/Assistant Principal Internship Agreement form.
  • Verification that a mentor teacher, who has taught a minimum of three years in the area of the intern's certification, will be assigned by the principal/assistant principal to assist the intern.
  • Verification of minimum class size in the area of certification.
  • Evidence of cultural diversity within the school population.
  • A copy of the Signed Internship Agreement form.
  • A copy of the contract or employment agreement after the internship has been approved.
  • A copy of the teaching schedule (Grades 1-5) signed by the principal/assistant principal.


NOTE: The candidate is responsible for submitting the above documents the semester prior to beginning the internship. A complete packet should be submitted rather than item by item. Authorization to register for an internship will not be granted until all documents have been submitted.


Requirements for Certification

Southeastern Louisiana University will submit signed statements to the Louisiana Department of Education that indicate that the student completing the Master of Arts in Teaching degree alternative certification path has met the following requirements:

  • Passed the PPST/CBPPST components of Praxis I; Candidates with an ACT composite.
  • Scored of 22 or higher or a Master's degree are exempt from PRAXIS I.
  • Completed all coursework (master's program) with an overall 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • Passed the elementary education: content knowledge exam #10014.
  • Passed the Praxis II examination in Principles of Learning and Teaching appropriate for the grade level of certification.