About Honors Program

The Honors Program at Southeastern Louisiana University is designed to provide participants with an excellent educational opportunity to learn about not only their chosen major, but also to learn the nature of intellectual inquiry and to study the important issues of our time and of all time.

Honors students benefit from interaction with a community of peer scholars who are equally interested in achieving the most in their college careers. Additionally, under the direction and mentoring of a faculty member, Honors students culminate their college career with a significant research experience or artistic endeavor during their senior year.

I urge you to consider joining the Southeastern Louisiana University Honors Program. Participation can completely change your perspective on the nature of what a university education can mean to you. 

What Students Learn from the Honors Program

"I really enjoyed the discussions and debates we had during classes. The small sizes encouraged us to speak freely. Fortunately, the professors also encouraged us to speak our mind. Also, because of the discussion we had the opportunity to get to know each other well."

"Preparing and presenting the Honors Senior Thesis was quite an experience. I enjoyed the research and was fortunate to have the opportunity to develop a working relationship with my supervising instructor."

"The Honors Program and the Honors classes provided a place for me to receive personal attention and inspiration at a time when I needed them. These allowed me to develop an intellectual and emotional identity that I'm not sure I would have in any other circumstances. Since the college years are often ones of 'mind-expansion,' I feel privileged to have spent these years in the company of wonderful professors whose teaching was distinguished by care and grace."

The Honors Program provides the dedicated student perfect opportunities to nurture and entertain the intellectual curiosity and passion that has brought you to Southeastern. The program allows one to set goals and meet challenges while fully preparing oneself for the future demands of life. Indeed, completion of an Honors Degree is looked upon quite favorably by graduate schools, professional schools, and employers.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Honors Office at (985) 549-2135 or, if you are on campus, drop by the Honors Office in the Student Union, Suite 1305.