Honors Advising


As a member of the Honors Program, you'll have access to our advising staff as well as your college academic advisor. We can provide invaluable guidance and support for all aspects of your Honors Program student journey: your Honors academic experience, campus academic and co-curricular opportunities, scholarships, and research funding, and your Honors Thesis. 


Requirements and Expectations 

Freshmen and First-Year Students are required to attend one advising session before priority scheduling opens. Each session will explain:  

  • Honors Program curriculum
  • Honors Program requirements
  • Honors course options
  • Showcase Honors Advising benefits
  • Campus resources
  • Introduce the Honors Thesis 
  • How to cultivate academic relationships with faculty members 
  • Co-curricular interests

Only after an Honors student is advised in the Honors Program, will the student be cleared for registration and given Priority Registration. The Honors advising process is designed to advise students on their academic progress in Honors. Students should be aware of their responsibilities as an advisee.

  • Check in With Us
    • We want to know how you're doing to celebrate the good, and work through the challenges. Come see us!
  • Remain in good standing with the Honors Program 
    • take at least one Honors course each academic year 
    • maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Read your SLU email and other important communications from the Honors Program
  • Accept final responsibility for all decisions made and your graduation requirements


NOTE: Honors advising only addresses issues specific to the Honors Program and should not be confused with academic advising. Each student should see their academic advisor at least once a year or as needed or required by their college. 


Advising Form

Please submit an advising form here. When completing an advising form please list any particular topics you would like to discuss.

Instructions on how to use the Honors Advising Portal can be found below:

How to use the Honors Advising Portal: Advising Form

How to use the Honors Advising Portal: My Curriculum Sheet