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All Honors courses at the University can be found using the Class Search function in LeoNet. Once you’re in LeoNet under Self Service, choose the Class Search function.  Click on Additional Search Criteria and add 'Honors' as the Course Keyword.

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Honors Courses & Instructors

What is an honors course?

An honors course is a vibrant learning experience that teams the most captivating professors with our brightest, most eager students.


The Honors Program offers a wide range of courses designed especially for Honors students.

These include:

Freshman Seminars

In the fall semester, first-year Honors students are eligible to sign up for special sections of SE 101H designed for high-achieving students.  These special section orientation courses focus on helping students engage with the Honors community and take advantage of campus resources for research, fine art appreciation, and leadership development.


General Honors Courses

Honors students have the opportunity to take Honors sections of a wide range of department-based courses, including many electives and required courses in Mathematics, Physical sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. Examples include: 

  • CHEM 121H and 122H
  • COMM 211H
  • ENGL 101H, 102H, 210H, 291H or 292H
  • FREN 101H and 102H
  • GBIO 151H and 153H
  • HIST 101H, 102H, 201H, or 202H
  • HONR 191
  • MATH 175H and 200H
  • PSYC 116H and 117H
  • SPAN 101H and 102H
HONR Courses

Each semester, Honors offers a special topic seminar focused on some aspect of science, humanities, social science or business.  These discussion-based courses are taught by many of Southeastern Louisiana University’s top faculty members and are open to all Honors students. 

  • HONR 300

  • HONR 304

  • HONR 305

  • HONR 401

  • HONR 402


See the Course Catalogue link for more details.