About Us

The Internet Resource Center (IRC) is established by the College of Business. Its primary goal is to serve the computing needs of both the students and faculty within the College of Business.

However, access to the IRC's facility is open to everyone in the university. The IRC commits to the University's core value of excellence. It has frequently hosted various University's classes and programs, training sessions, orientation sessions, etc. 

The IRC currently provides three computer labs located in Garrett Hall room 99, 80, and 73. Lab 80 and 73 are often used by faculties who teach courses required hands-on skills with computers and/or access to the Internet. Lab 99 is primarily maintained as a public computing area where students can log in to check email, browse the web, run specific applications, or do their assignments. Specific hours of operation in each lab are posted at the beginning of each semester. The list of detailed software and hardware can be viewed under the “Services”. The enhancement of the labs' hardware and software is performed according to the schedule of University's Office of Technology and upon the requests of the faculty.

Lab assistants are carefully selected among a number of prospective applicants. Extensive knowledge of computer and experience in various software applications are preferred but not required. To be a successful lab assistant, student worker needs to be reliable, trustworthy, and willing to learn. Work experience at the IRC is known to have a positive effect on students' resumes. Several former lab assistants are now making attractive salaries or advancing themselves in master's and doctoral studies.