The College of Business Internet Resource Center offers a variety of windows-based programs and computer hardware for students in the College of Business.

Available Computer Hardware

DELL Optiplex Computers - Microsoft Windows XP
CD-RW & DVD Drives, Dell 17 inch LCD Monitor
High-speed LaserJet Printers


Available Software

Microsoft OfficeXP
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7
Audit Command Language 6.5 For Windows
Calculator ShortCut
Corel Suite 8
CyberLink PowerDVD DX 5.5.1423
DDC Testing Software 3.0
EMCParadigm Skill Building 1.0
Financial Accounting for PCs
Folio Views 4.30.120 (AICPA Resource)
Java Runtime Environment Version 5.0 Update 6
Keyboarding Pro Dec-96
Macromedia Flash Player 8
Macromedia Shockwave Player
Macromedia Studio MX 2004
MASWSI Student Input Program
MicroPace Pro 2.0
Microsoft Front Page '97
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Windows Media Player 10
Mozilla FireFox 1.5
Netscape 8
Novell 4.91
Open Office 2.0
Paint Shop Pro 9.0
PeachTree Complete 2003 Educational Version
QuickTime Player 7
Real Player 10
SAM 2003 3.0 Instructor Edition - Assessment and Training for Microsoft Office 2003
Sonic Digital Media Plus 7
Symantec Corporate Anti-Virus Client 10
The Management Scientist 4.0
Visio 4.0
WinZip 8.1 Evaluation Version