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Lab School Faculty and Staff

Bethany Dowdy

is our kindergarten teacher. She has a degree in elementary education from Millsaps College, a master's degree from Southeastern, and is beginning her eighteenth year in the classroom. She has taught in Hungary and in the Mississippi Public School System. She loves the energy and love for life that little children display every day, and she loves being part of the Lab School family. Bethany encourages a diverse curriculum that incorporates the whole child and believes that, if a child comes home dirty, it was a successful day!  She recently became certified to teach children's yoga, and so she he begins each day with a short yoga session to start the day off on a positive note. She can be reached by email at bethany.dowdy@southeastern.edu.


Sedley Brown

is the first grade teacher at the Lab School. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education degree from Louisiana State University and has been Nationally Board Certified for 15 years. She also received her master's degree from Southeastern.  Sedley has taught a variety of grade levels from kindergarten through 5. This is her nineteenth year in the classroom. She believes fostering inquiry and a strong sense of community leads to a life-long love of learning. Every day is a fabulous day in first grade!! You can reach Sedley at sedley.brown@tangischools.org.


Stephanie Evans

is the Lab School's second grade teacher. This is her twenty-seventh year as an educator in Tangipahoa Parish.She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education and a master's degree + 30 hours in elementary school counseling.  She has aught grades first through third, has served as a Reading Curriculum Coach and also as a TAP master teacher.  Stephanie is looking forward to being a part of the SLU Faculty this school year.  Her goal is to provide an enriching, nurturing environment for all of my students.  You can reach her by email at stephanie.evans@tangischools.org.


Angela Davis

is the Lab School's third grade teacher.  She is starting her fifteenth year of teaching in Tangipahoa Parish and her sixth year at the Lab School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Southeastern Louisiana University and is certified to teach graqdes PreK through 8. She earned her master's degree from Southeastern in Educational Leadership and has her School Leadership License. Angela looks forward to being a part of the foundation of building the whole child. She believes that as an educator it is her responsibility to challenge her students academically, nurture them emotionally, and to help guide them. You can reach her by email at angela.davis@tangischools.org.  You can also find out what is going on in her classroom at her website http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/webpage.aspx?id=377616 


Cheri Jeanfreau

will start her twenty-third year teaching this year and has been a part of the Lab School faculty as our fourth grade teacher for thirteen years. Her bachelor's and master's degrees are from Southeastern. She is certified as an elementary teacher for grades one through eight and a special education teacher for kindergarten through twelfth grades.  She also has a minor in visual arts. Cheri loves the family atmosphere of the school and the children whom she describes as "funny, kind, smart, and polite." Find out what is going on in Ms. Jeanfreau's class by emailing her at cheri.jeanfreau@southeastern.edu or by logging onto her website at http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/view_webpage.asp?id=376720 


Shawn Messina

is the fifth grade homeroom teacher and teaches 5th and 6th grade grade reading, English, and spelling as well as 6th grade social studies at the Lab School. She has been teaching for twenty-six years. This is her fifteenth year at the Lab School. Her bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as her +30, are all from Southeastern. She loves the atmosphere of the school and being able watch every child as they grow and mature over the years. Find out what is happening in her classroom by connecting to her website at: http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/webpage.aspx?id=376721%20 or email Mrs. Messina at mailto:shawn.messina@southeastern.edu.


Robin Price

is our sixth grade homeroom teacher and teaches fifth through eighth grade science. This is her first year teaching at the Lab School and her twelfth year teaching in the parish.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Southeastern University. She is also a certified green school educator from the state of Louisiana and an aquatic instructor through Wildlife and Fisheries. Find out what is happening in her classroom by connecting to her website at:  http://app.oncoursesystems.com/school/webpage.aspx?id=389021 or email Mrs. Price at: robin.price@tangischools.org


Donna Arnone

is our seventh grade homeroom teacher. She is the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math teacher. Although this is her eighth year at the Lab School, she has taught for nineteen years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from the University of Southern Mississippi. Her master's degree and +30 are also from Southeastern. She is also certified in special education for grades one through twelve and is highly qualified to teach math and social studies. Mrs. Arnone is excited to be part of the Lab School family!

You can reach her by email at donna.arnone@southeastern.edu or by checking out her website at http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/view_webpage.asp?id=376749


Noelle Bordelon

is the eighth grade homeroom teacher and teaches 7th and 8th grade language arts and reading as well as 8th grade social studies here at Southeastern Lab School. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northeast Louisiana University as well as her Master's Degree in special education and and her +30 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has also recently received her educational diagnostician certification. Her additional certifications include nursery school, kindergarten, and grades one through eight. Her special education certifications include: non-categorical preschool, kindergarten, and grades one through twelve. This is her seventeenth year teaching. After staying home with her children for six years, she began teaching here eight years ago. She believes that all children can learn and thrives on helping each individual student determine the way he or she learns best.

Email her at noelle.bordelon@southeastern.edu or check out her website at http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/view_webpage.asp?id=376715

Michael Dickson
is the school's middle school social studies teacher. He is starting his eighth year of teaching and has worked in both Livingston and Tangipahoa Parishes.  This is his first year at the Lab School. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Teacher Education from Southeastern. Michael has taught a variety of grade levels from Pre-K through 12th grade. 
You can reach him by email at michael.dickson@tangischools.org


Rosalie Bezue

the Lab School’s special education teacher, received both her B.A. and Master’s Degrees at Southeastern. Her certifications are in elementary education, grades 1-8, and in mild and moderate special education, grades 1-12.  Mrs. Bezue also has a master's degree in reading grades 1-12. This is her fourth year at the Lab school.  She has been an educator in Tangipahoa Parish for forty years, where she has served as a special education teacher and also a TangiFirst Curriculum Coach.  She believes that each child learns in their own unique way and that we must access their way of learning in order to help them succeed.

You can contact Mrs. Bezue by email at rosalie.bezue@tangischools.org or rosalie.bezue@southeastern.edu.


Denise Tullier-Holly

the Lab School's art teacher, has been teaching for twenty-five years. She has been associated with our school for the last nineteen years. She received her B.A. from the University of Maryland and her master's degree from Southeastern. She enjoys teaching at the Lab School because she feels blessed to be able to observe students' development as unique individuals from kindergarten to eighth grade. The art program invites them to express themselves in a visual manner. Their handmade objects are the gems of their art processes. You can find out what is happening in her classroom by emailing her at dtullier-holly@southeastern.eduor you can link to her website by going to http:www.tangischools.org .From the homepage, click on "resources" on the left side of the screen, then "Oncourse" in the middle of the page, then "Southeastern Laboratory School" and then her name.


Abigail Ragusa

is the music teacher at the Lab School. She teaches kindergarteners through 6th graders to love and appreciate music. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Southeastern Louisiana University.  She has four years of experience as part of Collegiate Choir along with one full year of individual voice lessons and has also been apart of the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band for Southeastern Louisiana University. She believes in music's ability to enrich every aspect of life and often improve focus and learning capabilities. In the course, she will invite her students to research music that is interesting to them, analyze music that has made a difference, and create music that will inspire and empower. For more information on what is going on in music with Ms. Ragusa, you can email her at abigail.ragusa@tangischools.org.



Lloyd Bosch

the school's band director, has been teaching for forty-two years.  He has been at the Lab School for the past seven years.  His bachelor's and master's degrees are from SLU, and his +30 hours in music education were earned at L.S.U. and S.L.U.  The band program is open to students in 5th through 8th grades.  You can reach him by email at lloyd.bosch@tangischools.org.


Andrea Turner

part-time librarian, returns to the Lab School after two years of retirement. She has thirty-three years of teaching experience, sixteen in the library and seventeen teaching second and third grades. She has an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a master's plus 30 in library science with a focus on childrens' literature. All of her degrees were earned from Southeastern Louisiana University. The Lab School is her home and she just can't keep away from the wonderful children, dedicated teachers and supportive parents


Elaine Trahan

is the paraprofessional here at our school. She has 20+ years of leadership and administrative experience. She loves kids and being around them. Her positive attitude is very contagious! You can reach her at Elaine.Trahan-2@southeastern.edu


Brittany Morgan

is the paraprofessional in our new computer lab.  She comes to us from the Tangipahoa Parish School System and upon completing her undergraduate degree here at SLU she plans to continue on with a Masters in Education.  She has over five years working with children and loves being around them.  Her eagerness to learn and to share her knowledge can benefit our students.  You can reach her at Brittany.Morgan-5@selu.edu


Janice Butler


Dr. Susan Foster

is the part-time counselor, returning to the Lab School for the fifth year.  She has fifteen years of experience in the counseling field.   She has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master's degree in counseling and doctorate in counselor education and supervision. She regularly presents at state and national conferences and also acts an an adjunct professor at the university. She takes a holistic approach to helping our students thrive in all areas of their lives.  She is excited to be a part of the Lab School family.   


Jo Fairburn

came out of retirement five years ago following 35 years of teaching and administrative experiences in Alaska, Mississippi, and Louisiana to become part of the Lab School family.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in education from Mississippi State University, a master's degree in education and plus 30 degree from Southeastern.  Her certifications include school supervisor of instruction, principal, reading specialist, and elementary teacher.  She looks forward to working primarily with the 7th graders and assisting them in to develop and strengthen their technology skills. You can contact her by calling the school office at 549-2185 or by email at jo.fairburn@tangischools.org.