EFL - English For Life Educational Program - Panama

English for Life

The Program of English for Life is a clear example of collaboration and joint work between Southeastern, the Panamanian Government, and the Universidad Latina of Panama.

The vision of this program is to achieve a pedagogical improvement of the Panamanian teachers dedicated to teaching ESL in the schools of Panama school system in such manner that they serve as a transference medium of knowledge of English as a second language and of the bilingual educational system.

English for Life

The Program of English for Life is designed to facilitate and improve educational opportunities to Panamanian educators under the vision of “Better Bilingual Education for Our Young.”

The program offers participants a comprehensive agenda that includes occasions to meet and interact with leaders in Louisiana's education system, school administrators, and students. Participants will benefit from the practical experiences and activities, as well as from the unique nature of instruction in the program.

The programs allow Panamanian English teachers to come to Southeastern for a period of four week for an intensive training program in English, education, and technology.


EFL- University Latina of Panama Internet Non-Credit Courses

English for LifeThis program has been specially designed for the Panamanian ESL teachers and is offered through the Universidad Latina of Panama. The program consists of having the teachers broaden their knowledge and capabilities when it comes to ESL by means of four non-credited online courses.

The program began in Spring of 2009 with a group of 70 teachers and has a total life-span of about two years. The EFL program and the Panamanian government hope to train close to 450 teachers through the 4 week intensive training program at Southeastern.


Panama Canal

Through the mediation of the Hispanic Business and Leadership Institute, a very good relationship has been established with the Panama Canal with the goal of expanding commercial activity with the Port of New Orleans. Dr. Jose Barrios, Deputy Director of the Panama Canal, had the opportunity to meet with port directors from New Orleans during his last visit to Southeastern. Southeastern's College of Business has played an important role in bringing the organizations closer together and promoting commercial ties.