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Conference Proceedings

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  • Friedersdorf-Pohanka

(A Perspective on the Nanotechnology Signature Initiatives)


  • Janet Carter

(Sustainability: An OSHAPerspective)


  • Dorinda Folse

(OSHA's Approach to Employee Exposure to Nanomaterials: An Area Office Perspective)


  • Souhail Al-Abed

(Nanotechnology and the Environment: an Overview of Sustainable and Safe Applications in Site Remediation)


  • Mark Hoover

(Nanoinformatics Issues and Tools for Safe and Sustainable Nano-enhanced Remediation)


  • Ephraim Massawe

(Nanotechnology for Environmental Remediation: Empowering State Agencies with Information for Health and Safety Oversight of Nanomaterials)


  • Stacy Harper

(Informatics Framework to Support IntegrativeScience and Engineering in Nanotechnology)


  • Tanya Faltens

( An Overview of a Thriving Online Community for Nano Research and Education)


  • Patrick O'Shaughnessy

(Occupational Health Risks to Nanoparticulate Exposure)


  • Lorraine Marceau-Day

(Assessing Toxicity, Risk, Surveillance and Epidemiology of Nanomaterials used for Remediation)


  • Alan Rovira

(A Case Study of the Use of Functional Procedures for Management of Nanomaterials)


  • Slawo Limnicki

(Nanotechnology for the Environment: Challenges, Risks and ResearchDirections)


  • Jan Slunsky

(Utilization of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (nZVI) for in-situ Groundwater Remediation IncludingRecent Field Scale Application andRemediation Experience)


  • Greg Gervais

(Sustainable Nano-based Remediation:Current Issues and Concerns - USEPA Perspectives)


  • Chunming Su

(Safety Issues and Risk Minimization in a Field Test of Emulsified Zerovalent Iron to Treat Source Zone Chlorinated Solvents at a Superfund Site)




  • Maud Walsh and Kelli Palmer

(Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals Associated with Nanoparticles: the LSU Superfund Research Center Investigates an Emerging Pollutant)


  • Greg Gervais

(Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites in the U.S. Leveraging Engineered Nanoparticles for Remediation)


  • Ephraim Massawe (1)

(A Framework Regulation and Oversight of Engineering Nanoparticles at the Local Level)


  • Ephraim Massawe (2)

(A Sustainable Path to Protect Human From Exposures and Health Risks of Engineering Nanoparticles)


  • Hoover, Myers, Cash, Guilmette, Kreyling, Oberdorster, Smith, and Boecker

(Radiation Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology: Update on Development of an NCRP Commentary)


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