Useful Forms for Faculty

Click on any of the forms listed below. These forms can be adapted to fit your course needs or can be used as an example to create your own.


Self-Reporting Form

Use this form to report your service activities. Email to or fax to the Center at 549-5792.


Self-Reporting Form



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

MOUs are meant to outline the expectations, roles, and responsibilities of the various parties involved in a service project, including faculty, community organization, and student.


Sample MOU 1

Adapted from Southeastern Louisiana University faculty member, Holly Srydal


Sample MOU 2

Adapted from Indiana University



Waiver of Liability

Some service activities include an element of risk, particularly those involving physical labor or direct contact with clients at an organization. Students should read and sign waivers to acknowledge that they are assuming responsibility for such activities.


Sample Waiver 1

Adapted from Louisiana State University, Alexandria


Sample Waiver 2

Adapted from Delgado Community College



Student Evaluations

For students to evaluate the service experience.


Sample Post-Service Evaluation 1

Adapted from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


Sample Post-Service Evaluation 2



Agency Evaluations

For agencies to evaluate students during the service experience.


Sample Agency-Student Evaluation 1

Adapted from Brevard Community College


Sample Agency-Student Evaluation 2

Adapted from Florida State University