Site Supervisors

The purpose of the Students in Service (SIS) program is to meet critical community needs by engaging higher education students in service as part-time AmeriCorps members and instilling an ethic of civic responsibility.


Through the program, student members are introduced to local, regional, and national service opportunities, resulting in a regional network of student leaders committed to service and strengthening their local communities.


Student members serve in partnership with schools and community-based organizations in the areas of education, human services, the environment, public safety, and community development.


Expectations of Site Supervisors

  • To provide adequate training for member to perform direct service for your organization.

  • To provide appropriate liability or similar insurance covering member while they are serving at your site.

  • If a member has significant "recurring access" to children 17 and under, people 60 or older, and/or individuals with disabilities OR if your organization requires a criminal record check for all volunteers, please submit a fully completed "Criminal Record Check Verification Form" (see Useful Forms section)for the AmeriCorps member serving at your site.

  • To sign the member's site agreement, monthly time logs, complete mid-term evaluation (for 900 hour term members only) and end-of-term evaluation (see Useful Forms section).

  • To monitor member's compliance regarding prohibited activities.


Benefits of Sponsoring SIS Member

The benefits of sponsoring an AmeriCorps Member are numerous:

  • Access to a committed volunteer who can serve at your agency for a set period of time.
  • Ability to collaborate with a volunteer to identify a community need and outline steps to address community issues.
  • Fostering a deeper relationship between community organizations and college/university resources.
  • Opportunity to serve as a personal and professional mentor to a college student.
  • Development of programs or sustainability measures by an AmeriCorps member for your agency.
  • Direct connection to the National Service Movement and support of national service initiatives.

Time Commitment for a Site Supervisor

The AmeriCorps process blends nicely with many steps traditionally taken during an orientation process for any new volunteer. There are some primary forms to fill out with the Member that will take less than 30 minutes to complete. Once the Member has been enrolled, the Site Supervisor must provide appropriate training for the Member. Throughout the Member's term of service, you will sign monthly time logs. You will also complete a Site Supervisor Evaluation at the end of your Member's term.


NOTE: All site supervisors must be professional staff such as teachers, administrators, advisors, volunteer directors, faculty, service learning center directors, assistant directors of a non-profit organization, etc. Under no circumstances should a student be a site supervisor for an SIS member such as a President of a Club or Greek Organization being a site supervisor for its club or Greek members.


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