Summer Institute 2018

Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project

2018 Invitational Summer Institute in Teaching Writing


 (June 26-July 19)

June 26, 27, 28/ July 2, 3/ July 16, 17, 18, 19  (9:00 A.M.—11:45 A.M.)

Workshops and demonstrations on teaching writing held mornings during Term II at Southeastern (DVic 319)


July 10-12: Tues., Wed., Thurs. (9 A.M.— 5:30 P.M.)

“Teacher as Writer” Writing Retreat in the French Quarter

Daily workshops and writing marathons in New Orleans with National Writing Project teacher/writers



The Invitational Summer Institute

The Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project (SLWP) is a National Writing Project (NWP) site that has been offering Invitational Summer Institutes and Advanced Institutes since 1992 at Southeastern Louisiana University. Summer Institute Fellows from across the curriculum and all grade levels come together in a comfortable setting to write, to study the teaching of writing, and to share their own best practices in the teaching of writing.


How Is the Invitational Summer Institute Special?

A special feature of this year’s Invitational Summer Institute is our fifth annual “Teacher as Writer” Writing Retreat in the French Quarter, where Summer Fellows join other SLWP and NWP teachers for full days of writing, workshops, writing marathons, and professional discussions of teaching writing in one of the world’s best cities for writers.


Why You Should Apply

The most common responses from those who’ve taken an Invitational Summer Institute are:

—“It transformed me as a teacher.”

—“It made me into a writer.”

—“It treated me like a true professional, not like a student.”

—“It changed my life.”

—“It introduced me to other teachers and writers who are now lifelong friends.”


Who Should Apply? 

Apply if you answer “yes” to any question below—

  • Are you an excellent teacher?             
  • Do you teach writing or use writing to teach a content course?
  • Do you want to teach writing more effectively?
  • Are you willing to share your best practices with other teachers?
  • Do you write, or consider yourself a writer?
  • Do you have questions about teaching writing?


Registration and English 646 Course Credit

Those accepted into the Institute as Summer Fellows must enroll at Southeastern as graduate students and register and pay tuition/fees for English 646, a three-hour graduate workshop in teaching writing. Participants attend both the on-campus meetings and the Writing Retreat in the French Quarter to receive credit and provide their own transportation and/or lodging for the Writing Retreat in the French Quarter. (Group hotel rates are available.) Summer Fellows receive free registration at the Writing Retreat.


How to Apply: Email applications to Dr. Richard Louth, Professor of English, at

Apply now. Enrollment is limited; applications are considered until the Institute is filled. Send: 

  • Resume
  • Page containing the following:

                ° Name/address/phone/email and Southeastern W#. (You may apply without a W#, but need one to enroll.)

                ° School where you currently teach. Grade Level(s)/ Subjects you teach or have taught recently.

                ° Brief description of a writing activity you do with your students (max. 250 words).

  • Applicants are interviewed on campus or over the phone/Internet and notified of their status soon after their interview.


For More Information:

Dr. Richard Louth, Director of SLWP, SLU 10327, Hammond, LA 70402.                        

(985) 549-2102 or 2100

<>                                                           SLWP on Facebook

New Orleans Writing Marathon:   

NWP: <>