Photo Journal Fall 2015

Common Read

 We Live in Water by Jess Walter

We Live in Water, by Jess Walter

The Southeastern English Department is proud to feature Jess Walter, an award-winning author, and his short story collection We Live in Water for the Fall 2015 Common Read.

Speaker Series

In the weeks leading up to the main event, the Writing Center hosted several speaker series events. Most of the events held this semester took the form of instructional panels, chaired by Southeastern professors, who gave insight and perspective on aspects of Walter's works.

 Speaker Series 1  Speaker Series 2

Chris Cook (left) and David Armand (right) discuss stories from We Live in Water they found particularly noteworthy in a panel on father-to-son relationships in Jess Walter's stories.

Student Participation

Student Projects 1

    Student Projects 3  Student Projects 2

       Student art projects decorated the lobby of the Student Union Theater during the Common Read.

Common Read Main Event

 Dr. Hanson Opening Event

Dr. Hanson opens the event.

  Student Presentation 1     Student Presentation 2

                  Students read peoms and essays inspired by Jess Walter's We Live in Water.

   Jess Walter on Stage 1    Jess Walter on Stage 2

             Jess Walter answering student questions on stage in the Student Union Theater.

   Jess Walter in the Writing Center

Jess Walter in the Southeastern Writing Center.

  Jess Walter Book Signing 1     Jess Walter Book Signing 2

   Jess Walter signed books several times during Common Read, shown here in the Writing Center (left)                                      and after main event in the Student Union Theater (right).