The Pick

New for Volume 33, Layout and Cash Prizes

Internal & External Design for spring 2007

This semester has been one of great change for The Pick. Dr. Jayetta Slawson has been instrumental in helping to make this publication one that is accessible to students from all departments across campus. In the fall of 2006 Dr. Hanson, Dr. Slawson, Gary Keown andeditor Carrie Castomet to discuss the possibility of incorporating a design project into his digital print design course (Art 261). With lots of hard work, this project became a reality and helped move The Pick towards being a completely multi-department, student supported publication. The winning student received a $300 cash prize and formatted the journal according to their design. Dr. Slawson and Ms. Casto presented the design students with a list of items that would be included in each journal, gave samples of past journals, and encouraged them to let their imaginations take over. The students did just that!


Three weeks after introducing the project, Michelle Russo, Danielle Faucheux,and Carrie Casto picked up the templates. It was challenging for them to select just one template out of theeighteen received. Each student put a great deal of time and effort into their creation and we spent hours looking at every detail of each design. The design students had really challenged the board to pick just one design out of so many creative pieces. UltimatelyBrett Blanchard's design was selectedbecauseit was clean and professional, but fun and trendy. Brett clearly spent a great deal of time working on his design. Over spring break, Brett worked to finish formatting the journal according to his template.


The Pick would like to thank Gary Keown for incorporating this project into his Art 261 class.We alsowould like to take this opportunityto thank the students who participated in thedesign contest:

Brett Blanchard
Callen Cranfield
Christopher Ryan
Erich Kraus
Heidi Elbers
Ivana Vasi?
Jason Norman
Kevin Huff
Lindsey McKey
Maurice Prevost
Nathan Martin
Patrick Costilow
Rachael Waguespack
Rebecca Faucheaux
Robin Voros
Shalayne Heffner
Stacy Kest
Theresa Howell


Cash Prizes!

Prizes for Written Submissions

  • Most Outstanding English 101/102 Paper: $75 CASH PRIZE. Papers must have been written for an English 101 or 102 course.

  • Most Outstanding English Paper: $75 CASH PRIZE. Papers must have been written for any English course excluding English 101 and 102.

  • Most Outstanding Submission from a Non-English Course: $75 CASH PRIZE. Papers must have been written for any course at Southeastern other than English, for example, history, philosophy, psychology, or nursing.


Prizes for Artistic Submissions

  • Two Most Outstanding Artistic Submissions: $75 CASH PRIZE EACH. Artistic pieces may include, but are not limited to photography, line art, and digital images of student created paintings or sculptures.


Prizes for Video Submissions

  • Best Student Video Short: $150 CASH PRIZE. Videos must be between 2-5 minutes in length in Real, QuickTime or Windows Media Player format. A script must be included with all submissions.