Cross Enrollment for Developmental Math and English

This program allows both beginning freshman and current Southeastern students to complete developmental English and Math courses through Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC) or any other accredited institution. Some advantages of cross enrolling with NTCC include:             

  • All fees and tuition will go through Southeastern.  However, students will pay the NTCC price for the cross enrolled course.
  • You can enroll in the NTCC developmental courses on your LeoNet account after enrolling in Southeastern courses. 
  • Textbooks for NTCC will be provided through the Southeastern textbook rental system. However, NTCC_DVM 91, NTCC_DVM 92 and NTCC_DVE 91 will not utilize textbooks.
  • All NTCC courses will be taught at a Southeastern facility, with classes being offered at Southeastern's main campus.  Click here for a map with driving directions to our main campus location. 


Any financial aid you may have will be coordinated by Southeastern.  You will not need to take any additional action for financial aid purposes.  


Enrollment Information

Courses taken at both Southeastern and NTCC count toward total enrolled hours at Southeastern.  Please see course equivalencies below:

NTCC Course Southeastern Course Equivalent
NTCC_DVM 98 No Southeastern credit earned
NTCC_DVE 91 No Southeastern credit earned


Pre-requisites for these courses are based on Southeastern and NTCC rules. Students enrolled in either NTCC_DVM 98 or NTCC_DVE 91 at NTCC must remain cross enrolled a second semester and complete either NTCC_DVM 99 or NTCC_DVE 92 to satisfy the developmental requirement.

Newly admitted beginning freshmen and currently enrolled Southeastern students may select an option below to learn if they must cross enroll and which courses are required.  The information given is to be used as a guide and students should always follow the guidance of their academic advisor.


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