Meet the Leaders

2018 Orientation Leaders
Your Southeastern Orientation Leaders are specially trained to work with small groups of students throughout the program. You will not need to worry or wonder about where to go or what to do. Your Orientation Leaders are your guides, teachers, peer advisors, mentors and most of all, your friends. 

Ashley Armato    Ashley Armato, 19

     Pearl River, LA
     Early Childhood Education

“I love Southeastern because of the beautiful campus and how it makes you feel like you’re home. When I walked under the masses of oak trees and beautiful new buildings, I knew Southeastern was the place for me.”


Becky Arriaza    Becky Arriaza, 19

     Pearl River, LA

“I love Southeastern Louisiana University and Hammond, America because of the small-town feel, the food, and the wonderful people I have meet here!! SLU has given me so many opportunities and memories that I would not trade. From hanging out with my sorority sisters to volunteering at the Big Event, I know I made the right decision when I picked SLU & Hammond to be my new home for the next 4 years!”


Buffy Baker    Buffy Baker, 19

     Bogalusa, LA
     Elementary Education

“I love Southeastern because it really feels like a home away from home. I love how friendly everyone is here. My favorite part about Southeastern is how much pride everyone has for this school. Every single student is proud to be here and that makes all the difference.”


Bethany Baker    Bethany Baker, 19

     Bogalusa, LA

“Southeastern to me is this huge family that you are part of, where everyone there is to better themselves and further their education. No matter what you are into, there is a place for you!”


Madisyn Bankston    Madisyn Bankston, 19

      Albany, LA

“I love Southeastern because it has become my home away from home. Through Southeastern I’ve found who I was as a student, team member, friend and as an individual. I’d have to say the best part of attending this great college is the opportunities I have had to make personal connections with my professors, students in my major, and become part of a large team of students all striving for the same thing. Southeastern has taught me it is okay to make mistakes, but has always given me the tools to succeed. The best choice I ever made was becoming a Lion!” 

Virgina Berry    Virginia Berry, 18

     Mandeville, LA
     Integrative Biology

“Southeastern felt like my home when I stepped on campus. The students and faculty are wonderful, and I love the family environment.”


Chelsey Blank    Chelsey Blank, 19

      Pauling, LA

“I felt a connection when I first came to Southeastern. Everyone is so welcoming, and anyone will be your friend. Southeastern has a lot of fun events you can attend and they’re always so fun!”


Karley Bordelon    Karley Bordelon, 19

     Mandeville, LA
     Social Studies Education

“My favorite part of Southeastern is all the opportunities that are given. All of the teachers and staff know who you are, and they will fight for you to be successful.”


Jami Bush    Jami Bush, 19

     St. Amant, LA
     Mathematics Education

“Southeastern feels like home to me. I love the campus size and the relationships I have made.”


Mary Ruth Corwin    Mary Ruth Corwin, 21

     Baton Rouge, LA
     Graphic Design

"Southeastern to me is a home away from home. Being from Baton Rouge and attending the same school for 13 years I was basically in my own little world. After high school graduation I knew moving to Hammond would be a big change for me and I am so glad I did it. Getting involved in different student organizations, clubs, and jobs at southeastern has really made my experience here unforgettable. Everything about SLU and the Hammond community as a whole is exciting and refreshing and I am so proud to be a Lion for life!"

Lily Gayle    Lily Gayle, 18

     Greensburg, LA

“The Southeastern community feels like family and is a place where I know I belong.”

Maya Grady    Maya Grady, 20

     New Orleans, LA

“My favorite part about Southeastern is the union, it is so friendly and open. You meet new people everyday and get to hang out with your friends, study, eat and play pool. I like the openness about Southeastern, everyone is a part of a big family!”


Bayli Hickson    Bayli Hickson, 19

     Slidell, LA
     Elementary Education

“I love Southeastern because it is my home. I went into college very shy and quiet, but quickly came out of my shell. I met some amazing people and have made countless memories with my friends. I am truly grateful to Southeastern for giving me the opportunity to be who I truly am.”


Sheldon Holsapple    Sheldon Holsapple, 19

     Livonia, LA

“When I stepped on campus it felt like home. The campus is very beautiful. Walking to and from classes with beautiful trees, and scenery even though it is the same always looks amazing every time I walk to classes."

Alyss Hooper    Alyss Hooper, 20

     Lawrenceville, GA
     Middle School Education

“Southeastern is a tight knit community. You step foot on campus, you're stepping into your new home and I love it! Southeastern is a united university.”

DJ James    DJ James, 18

     Hammond, LA
     Education and Theatre

"What I love most about Southeastern is its positive and well-rounded environment.  There's something for everyone here on campus, there's always something to do, something new to experience.  From Orientation to the Arts to the Education Department, I've learned so much about myself and I want to use that to motivate others.  My goal has always been to make an impact, and Southeastern has helped me in reaching that goal.  I'm proud to be a Lion!!!"

Blake Luna    Blake Luna, 18

     LaPlace, LA

“I chose Southeastern because it is close to home and I am not just a number here, all of my professors know me. I also love how many organizations you can get involved in.”

Kayla Monlyn    Kayla Monlyn, 20

     New Orleans, LA
     Communication Sciences and Disorders 

“Southeastern is very diverse, I like that because it allows me to experience different cultures and people.”

Karli Montero     Karli Montero, 18

     Donaldsonville, LA

“My favorite thing about Southeastern is the way it feels like my home away from home. I love being able to walk into each one of my classes knowing the professor genuinely cares about the success of every student.”

Kyy Mosely    Kyy Mosely, 22

     Slidell, LA
     Management and Marketing 

“My favorite part about Southeastern is being able to know everyone on campus and being able to make connections with directors in different departments.”

Ici Parks     Ici Parks, 21

     LaPlace, LA

“My favorite part about Southeastern is the union, because of the food of course!! I also love how small the classes are.”

Paige Puls    Paige Puls, 19

     Loranger, LA
     General Studies

“My favorite part about Southeastern is no matter where you go on campus or who you meet we all share a sense of being a family. I love that I can consider a majority of the people I interact with part of my family.”

Mackenzie Richard     Mackenzie Richard, 19

     Denham Springs, LA
     Criminal Justice

“I love Southeastern because it is very welcoming and makes me feel at home even when I’m not.”

Michael Robinson    Michael Robinson, 19

     Homer, LA
     Criminal Justice

“My favorite part about Southeastern is the people and overall environment. There is nothing like it!”

Rebecca Rushing    Rebecca Rushing, 18

     Watson, LA
     Elementary Special Education

“My favorite part about Southeastern is that there is always something going on. It is rare for nothing to be going on during the day and there are always more clubs to involve yourself in.”

Emile Stretcher    Emile Stretcher, 19

     Jennings, LA

“After I toured Southeastern I fell in love with it. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Southeastern. This campus really allows a person to find themselves.”

   Gabriella Villavicencio Gabriella Villavicencio, 18

     New Orleans, LA
     Art Education

“My favorite part about Southeastern is the campus life. As someone who gets bored easily and always needs something to do, the multiple events on campus keep me busy. Everything is close by and I can always count on finding friends in the union between classes.”

Cheyenne Weaver    Cheyenne Weaver, 18

      West Monroe, LA
      Athletic Training

"I love Southeastern because it became home. Moving almost 4 hours away from home was so scary but coming to Hammond was the best decision. Everyone here is like a family and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to call home."