Meet the Leaders

2020 Orientation Leaders
Your Southeastern Orientation Leaders are specially trained to work with small groups of students throughout the program. You will not need to worry or wonder about where to go or what to do. Your Orientation Leaders are your guides, teachers, peer advisors, mentors and most of all, your friends. 

Alyssa Harrell   

 Sophomore, Psychology major
 Loranger, Louisiana

"My best class and and teacher was SE 101 with Mrs. June Taylor. I love that this class is a requirement. Helps get a better understanding of college and SLU."

Anna Martinez   

Freshman, Psychology major
Hammond, Louisiana

"Southeastern provides a lot of beneficial things such as tutoring, writing center, and more for their students to become a successful students. Southeastern carries about their students and will help each and every one."

Asia Jupiter


Senior, Communications major 
New Orleans, Louisiana

"I chose to attend Southeastern because it felt at home! I fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus. I felt that Southeastern would bring the best out of me and it has." 

Brent Webb

Freshman, Business Administration major

Houston, Texas

"Southeastern was the perfect university for me because I was able to grow in an environment that fits my interests."



Breyonna Johnson


Freshman, Nursing major 
 Prairieville, Louisiana 

"Southeastern is perfect for you if you are looking forward to a University that will put you first!"

Cameron Barrett

Freshman, Business Administration and Criminal Justice major 

Mandeville, Louisiana

"I love that Southeastern has something for everybody. I was impressed by how personal the education was here. Even though there are around 15,000 students most of my classes only have around 20-30 students, giving me more individualized and hands on experiences. Also going to a school with over 150 different clubs and student organizations gives incoming students the opportunity to explore their interest while getting involved here." 

Cassidy Anderson

Sophomore, Nursing major

 Hammond, Louisiana 

"I chose Southeastern because it was close to home and it allowed me to save a ton of money ! Plus I love how beautiful the campus is, it makes me feel at home. Everyone is honestly a huge family." 

Chastin Robinson

Sophomore, Kinesiology major 

Saint Rose, Louisiana

"Southeastern was the perfect university for me because it made me feel like I was at home. It felt like I had a second family here. It was something different about it." 

Chris Black

Sophomore, Health Education and Promotion major

Slidell, Louisiana 

"I really appreciate the smaller class sizes and it is nice being able to have a more one on one connection with my professors. I could not imagine having over a hundred students in all of my classes!

Danyle Sonnier

Sophomore, Social Work major 

Watson, Louisiana

"The faculty at Southeastern go above and beyond to help their students! I love Southeastern because you get to know your professors and they really make their students their priority. They sure that you have every resource so that you can succeed." 

Diamond Lee


Senior, Family and Consumer Sciences major 
Kenner, Louisiana

"One of the best classes that I took at Southeastern was an FCS Child Development class. I really enjoyed that class because we had one day in the classroom and the other day(s) we did observations. We were able to go to a daycare and observe children which gave me the opportunity to learn a little bit more about my field."


El'Lasia Brown


Sophomore, English
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Southeastern is perfect for you if you care about your education." 

Faith Wolverton


Freshman, Nursing major
Slidell, Louisiana

"I decided to attend Southeastern because of its high ranking nursing program, its supportive, family like community, and all of the activities/organizations it has to offer."

Frannie Reyes


Sophomore, Psychology and Crriminal Justice major

Lacombe, Louisiana

"One of the most impressive things about Southeastern is definitely the quality of our programs; the new technology building has state-of-the-art, brand new technology in it, our nursing program is #1 in the state, even our Pennington Center has great quality machines and courses offered."

Grace Leist


Sophomore, Elementary Special Education major 
Zachary, Louisiana 

"My favorite class so far at Southeastern was SE 101. SE 101 is there so help freshman transition from high school to college and get to know Southeastern. I made wonderful friends in that class, and I still talk to my freshman advisor to this day. This class really made a difference."

Haley Blackmon


Freshman, Biology major
Houston, Texas

"I decided to attend Southeastern because all of the opportunities to get involved. There are so many amazing organizations and clubs and also resources to help you succeed. And a plus is that the campus is beautiful and has a lot to offer!"


Jamil Spriggs


Junior, Athletic Training and Psychology major 
Plaquemine, Louisiana

"Southeastern is perfect for you if you want more close face to face interactions with your professors and looking for a cost efficient university to attend."


Jolie Everett


Freshman, Nursing major 
Walker, Louisiana

"Southeastern may be a small campus, but the opportunities at campus are boundless and their academic programs are rigorous and high ranking!" 


Mervian Smith


Sophomore, Family and Consumer Sciences 
 New Orleans, Louisiana

"Southeastern is the perfect university for me because the school is very community oriented and focuses heavily on the impact they have on the environment. I've always admired the outreach that Southeastern does and how the school is strives endless to find creative ways to be sustainable."

Morgan Guidry


Freshman, Communications major
Larose, Louisiana

"Southeastern was the perfect university for me because I felt like I was coming home." 


Noah Hemelt


Freshman, Information Technology major 
Kenner, Louisiana

"Southeastern is perfect for you if you like a college that isn’t big and isn’t small, its the perfect size school."


Reagan Harris


Freshman, Nursing major
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"The faculty and staff are the best! They do not mind going out of there way for you and they make sure they help you solve every problem!"


Taylor Rivera


Freshman, Management major
Laplace, Louisiana

"What stands out about Southeastern is how much you matter at the university. You aren’t just a number and the faculty do whatever they can to help students succeed. Southeastern is truly like a family and very student centered. The university not only helps the students academically but financially providing aspects to help students such as textbook rental!"


Zavier Weary

Freshman, Mechanical Engineering major 

Hammond, Louisiana

"Southeastern is perfect for you if you are open to meeting new people."