When is Orientation?


Now you're ready to come, but when is Orientation? 

You will be invited to attend a specific program date based on when you applied and were admitted to the university.  The earlier you applied - the earlier you get invited to Orientation.  You can move to a later program date, but you are not eligible to move to an earlier program.


When do I get invited to Orientation?

The first invitations to the Summer Orientation Programs will be mailed in late April.   Information about your program date will be mailed once you are admitted to the university.  Once you are invited to attend a program, you will be able to log in to complete your reservation.  Instructions for logging in will be included with your invitation. 


What if I cannot attend the program I was invited to attend?

We understand many students still have other obligations during the summer, including work and vacations.  If you are not able to attend the assigned program date and applied for the Fall semester, you will be invited to attend a later program if available.   Using the information in your invitation letter, log in and complete the reservation form indicating "I will not be able to attend this program, but please invite me to a future program."





Applied to Southeastern for the SPRING Semester 2014?
You will be invited to the program below.



    Spring Orientation                                January 13th - 14th






Applied to Southeastern for the SUMMER Semester 2014?

You will be invited to the program below.




  Summer School Orientation   


 May 28th - 29th 






Applied to Southeastern for the FALL Semester 2014?

You will be invited to one of these program dates based on when you applied for admission.   


Orientation Dates 

Subject To Change


 Summer Orientation Program I



 June 11th - 12th


 Summer Orientation Program II 



 June 18th - 19th


 Summer Orientation Program III



 June 25th - 26th


 Summer Orientation Program IV



 July 9th - 10th


 Summer Orientation Program V


 July 16th - 17th


 Last Fall Orientation Program


 August 11th - 12th 






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Updated 1/9/14