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The Southeastern Promise

"This is an amazing opportunity for students at the university. This will help students not only succeed, but thrive at Southeastern!"
Madeline Kelly, Middle School Education Senior
New Orleans


A Guaranteed Path to Four-Year Graduation


The Southeastern Promise represents a new level of commitment to each of our students and their ability to succeed. Through this ground-breaking program – the only one of its kind in Louisiana – Southeastern will promise its students no tuition increases and class availability to ensure their degree completion in four years.


Tenets of The Southeastern Promise:
  1. Southeastern will offer new freshmen the opportunity to enroll in The Southeastern Promise program

  2. Southeastern will provide counseling, if desired, to help the student select a major no later than the first day of class for his or her third semester

  3. With a declared major in place, Southeastern will guide the student with a prescribed curriculum and offer ongoing assistance from an assigned academic advisor

  4. To stay on track for graduation in four years and maintain program participation, 30 credit hours toward the selected degree program will be earned (Fall, Spring, Summer) each year

  5. Good academic standing and a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average are necessary for the four-year duration

  6. Southeastern commits to providing availability of curriculum classes to ensure appropriate progress and enable degree attainment within four years

  7. If an additional semester is required due to appropriate courses not being offered, Southeastern will cover the applicable tuition and mandatory fees for the student to complete the degree.


Fixed Net Tuition

Participating students will receive a fixed net tuition rate through four consecutive academic years beginning the student’s first freshman semester with eligibility remaining in effect through summer of their fourth year. Of course, continued receipt of this benefit is contingent upon uninterrupted student eligibility and plan participation. 

The guaranteed rate includes all mandatory tuition and fees, including non-resident fees, associated with enrollment with the exception of student self-assessed fees and other variable fees. In the event of any tuition rate increases, students in the program become recipients of a scholarship that will credit the amount of the increase.


Four-Year to Degree Commitment

The four-year graduation component of The Southeastern Promise has been developed as a mechanism to help students identify and pursue clear paths for completing their undergraduate degree in a timely manner. Graduation within four academic years of initial fall enrollment at Southeastern is ensured, conditioned upon the satisfaction of student eligibility requirements.

Southeastern will provide students with appropriate academic mapping, advising and counseling to ensure curriculum progress. Academic units will ensure course availability accordingly. If a student maintains enrollment and follows the academic plan yet is not able to complete the program in the prescribed four-year timeline due to course unavailability, Southeastern will coordinate a combination of equivalent class substitutions and will cover the applicable tuition and mandatory fees for the student to complete the degree.


Far-Reaching Benefits
  • With workforce demand outpacing regional supply in numerous fields and careers, The Southeastern Promise will bring educated graduates into the workforce in a timelier manner than is the current norm.

  • Long-term budgeting for students and their families will once again be possible knowing that the fixed net tuition rate their freshman year will be the same their senior year.

  • Students who enroll and complete their studies through The Southeastern Promise will not be responsible for paying any tuition rate increases that may go into effect for other students on campus. Those savings will help lower any financial aid or student loan debt incurred.

  • Additionally, adherence to a set curriculum map will eliminate enrolling in and paying for courses unnecessary for graduation.