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Job Vacancy / Resume Referral Form


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    • To maximize the number of applications for your job opportunity, the Office of Career Services highly recommends listing compensation information

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Resume Referral
    • • Resume Referrals will only be provided for full-time degree requiring positions.
      • The Resume Referral service cannot be provided for 3rd party staffing entities
      • Employers must provide salary information for their full-time job opportunity in order to receive Resume Referrals.

    • Please be aware of the following factors regarding Resume Referrals:

    • 1. Career Services does not notify students/alumni that their resumes are sent to an amployer when a Resume Referral request is made. When you begin contacting students/alumni using the resumes you receive via this service, please be sure to inform them that you obtained their resume from Career Services.

      2. Students/alumni are not required to notify Career Services when they have found employment or are no longer seeking employment therefore:

      a. Your resume referral will likely contain resumes of students/alumni who are not actively searching for job opportunities.

      b. Contact information on the resumes can be outdated, rendering your ability to contact a student/alumnus ineffective.

      • * I authorize the Office of Career Services (CS) to publicize my job vacancy information to Southeastern students and/or alumni via various campus marketing methods and via the CS website. In the event this job vacancy is filled or any other time that I want CS to stop promoting this job vacancy, I understand that it is my responsibility to notify CS of such desire. Otherwise, this job vacancy will be promoted for 90 days or until the application deadline that I provide, whichever is shorter. I understand that my company’s identity and contact information will be shown only to those students who register with CS, and that some of those students may be contacting me regarding this job vacancy. I understand that CS cannot and does not make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the employability of any student that may seek employment with my organization. I understand, according to Federal Regulations, that CS may contact me to verify if a Southeastern student or alumnus has been hired for this vacancy, and if so, how that student is performing and at what compensation level. I also certify that my organization is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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