How to Register in Handshake - Employer's Guide

If you're new to Handshake, follow these steps to create your account:

     1. Once you click the button above and are on the Employer Handshake page, click "Sign up for an account." 
     2. Choose "Employer."
     3. Fill in your information and click "Sign up." 

Note: We require employers to use their work email addresses. You cannot use Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email addresses. We realize local businesses may not have the required information and ask that you contact us at (985) 549-2121 to speak with a staff member to verify your account.

     4. Complete your company profile. Be sure to connect with Southeastern Louisiana University.  Once you "Submit" your profile, your account will be approved for full access          within 2-3 days. 


Posting a Job

1. On the main menu, you will see three categories. Choose “Post a job.” This will bring you to the new job screen.

2. Fill in the job title and corresponding information. Any required information will have an asterisk beside it. Employers can also add a link to their external application. Next, fill in detailed information about the job, such as the description, rate of pay, and job functions.

3. On the bottom of that page, specify to whom you would like the application packages delivered, as well has how often you would like to receive those emails.

4. Once the information is complete, select “Southeastern” and choose the application dates. All jobs will be defaulted to a two-month period.

5. Select “Create” at the bottom of the screen. All jobs are approved by the Office of Career Services and will be available to students within 24 hours. You will receive an email once your job has been approved.

How To Register in Handshake for Job Fairs

     Now that you've created your account, follow these steps to register for Part-Time
     Job Fairs & Career Fairs. 

1. Log in to your Handshake account.
2. You can view upcoming Career Fairs from the Home page or click "Fairs" on the black                      sidebar.
3. A list of career fairs will be on display. You can also search using filters. 
4. Select the Career Fair of interest

5Complete the registration form and then select "Create Registration."