Build a Resume

Your resume is the first impression you will make on an employer. Stand out from the crowd by learning what employers want to see on your resume and showing off your skills and accomplishments. Start with these 5 steps to make your resume Lion Ready!

5 Steps to Build or Strengthen Your Resume

1. Learn the Guidelines

Read and understand what a resume is so you know how to get started. 

2. Start or Update

Use one of our resume samples to make sure your resume format is strong.

3. Emphasize Your Strengths

Write accomplishment statements, and use action verbs to show off your skills.

4. Read and Review

5. Share with Us

When you’re ready, use one of the options below to get your resume reviewed. Send your resume to [email protected] or upload to Handshake for feedback on your resume. Please note, Career Services does not guarantee all errors will be detected in our resume reviews. 


Examples of Application Documents

Cover Letter Samples         
Top 5 Resume Mistakes Button Build Your Portfolio Button Tailor Your Resume Button
                                       Accomplishment Statements    Action Verbs

3 Ways to Get Your Resume Reviewed


Handshake Upload Reviews

  • Resumes submitted to Handshake are reviewed and must be approved by Career Services
    before you can apply for jobs in Handshake to ensure that your resume is presentable
    to employers.
  • Only a general review is provided, so for more in-depth feedback, please use one of
    the services described below. 

Email Resume Reviews

  • Read the Resume Rules, Examples, and information above to create an appropriate format and content. 
  • Create or save your resume in Microsoft Word and email it to [email protected]
  • Our staff will conduct a general review and email you with suggestions. Wait time
    varies depending upon demand.

Career Services Appointments

  • For a more in-depth review and discussion of your resume, our staff are available
    to meet with you.
  • To schedule an appointment, login to Handshake, email [email protected], or come by our office in the Student Union Annex, Room 2102. 


For more information on the above services, please contact our office at (985) 549-2121
or email [email protected] for more information.