Testimonials from other Students & Alumni:


"The experience I had at the career fair was great. It was my first time ever going to a career fair event, and I was glad that I had the opportunity to attend. Although we were foretold of the many companies that would be present, I was still in awe once I arrived to the site and saw all of the employers. I always thought that a career fair was this boring quiet event (since I had never experienced one), but I was very surprised to see that it was busy and people were socializing..." I especially liked how the entrance was set up with greeters. They were smiling and inviting as you walked in, and that was great. Overall it was great!" - L.W. 


"Career fair offered a great opportunity for talking with prospective employers in a non-threatening, professional atmosphere. By the time I spoke to three or four companies, I felt confident and comfortable engaging in a conversation with them. The process of looking for a job and speaking to people in these industries can often be very intimidating and discouraging. This event removed that intimidation. It also allowed students who are not entering the work field yet a chance to practice asking questions that will aid in making better career decisions." -A.G. 


"The career fair was a unique experience that I wasn't quite prepared for. I thought it was going to be corny, and I wasn't going to learn anything. I think I came away from the career fair with a lot more knowledge of what companies are looking for when they are recruiting. The event was well organized and the people attending were very polite and professional..." - R.C.


“I was able to get an internship interview and I’m excited about the opportunity to get experience in my major.” –TW, Marketing and Management Senior


“There were plenty of people in my field here, but there were also other interesting booths “
- Kinesiology Student


“I had a great time meeting employers. I met employers I was not even interested and they have changed my mind.” -Business Management Student



"The Career Fair was very helpful and informative with the amount of employers about job info. I really enjoyed attending. Great Job!." - Marketing/Advertising Alumni 


Advice from Employers about Career Fair:


  • "Follow-up with employer if interested."


  • "Just because they have a degree in one field, do not limit yourself." 


  • "Lead with your strengths! Have a few questions or talking points ready to engage conversation with resumes. Make sure that important details are highlighted and easy to find quickly."


  • "Always seek business opportunities throughout college. It's never too early to begin looking for possible career options." 


  •   “Encourage visits to booths that may not, at first glance, apply to degree. Missed opportunities can result. Be prepared with specific interests or career goals. Encourage resumes reviews to improve quality.”


  • "Be more prepared with resumes and dress more professional."


  • "Research industry and corporation prior to interview."


  • "Let students know it is OK to walk up while others are visiting the booth."


  • "Ask Questions! I want to know what your interests are and if we are a good fit for each other."


  • "Approach as many booths as possible, even if it doesn't seem for them - you never know."


  • "No shorts and flip flops for seniors, no piercings on body that are visible."


  • "Do not be shy about approaching employers. Dress for success."