Master Professionalism

What is "professionalism"?

On its most basic level, "professionalism" can be defined as "one's conduct on the job." However, professionalism encompasses more than this. Professionalism is a way of thinking, being and working that is grounded in one's personal values - values that address what kind of person you want to be, what are your guiding principles, what you want to accomplish, and what contributions you want to make to society.

Striving to achieve professionalism in your work life begins with learning some basic behaviors – and understanding the reasons behind those behaviors – as well as taking time for honest self-reflection as to whether or not you are exemplifying those behaviors. "Mastering Professionalism" is not rocket science – it can easily be learned and applied so that you, as a recent college graduate, are making an excellent first impression on your employer, as well as meeting – or even exceeding – your employer's expectations, and subsequently setting the tone for a lifetime of career success.

Professionalism starts with a well-written resume and cover letter, which hopefully will take you to the next opportunity to impress the employer – the interview. And once your efforts at making a positive first impression on a prospective employer result in landing the job you want, you can take professionalism to the next level: Being the best employee you can be in the service of your customers, co-workers, and supervisors.

The Office of Career Services would like to assist you in making a commitment to mastering professionalism. From preparing to enter the workforce upon graduation, to continual improvement throughout your career, let us make your transition from college student to professional a success!

We are providing you with information on professionalism from three perspectives:

The Job Search - make your first impression a positive, lasting impression
The Job Interview - communicate desire for the job and why you are the best fit
The Job – demonstrate self-respect and respect for others