Residence Hall Router Setup

NOTE: Routers are ONLY allowed in Zachary Taylor. Other residences halls have wireless access provided.

Instructions for connecting your wireless router to the Zachary Taylor residence hall network.



In Zachary Taylor, you can install a wireless router on the Southeastern residence hall network to provide a wireless or wired connection to your computer, laptop, or gaming console. Please be aware that incorrectly installing or not securing a router could disrupt the campus network and is a violation of the Southeastern Responsible Computing Policy. Repeated violations could result in disciplinary action, including loss of Internet access. You are responsible for ensuring your router is installed correctly. Follow the instructions below to install your router.


Secure your router--Before connecting to the network, make sure your router is secure. This may vary depending on the manufacturer. Refer to your router manual or manufacturer website for further instructions.

Change default username and password. This will prevent others from logging into your router and changing settings.

Change the SSID. This is the "name" of the wireless network you see when connecting a device.

Enable wireless security and password protection. This step is critical. You are responsible for any activity that occurs on your router. For instance, if someone accesses your router and illegally shares files on the network, this activity will be traced back to you. WPA2 and PSK is the recommended protocol for connection security and maximum connection speed.

In this example, the "Wireless1234" network has security enabled.

 Secure Wireless


Turn off "turbo mode". Many newer "N" and "AC" routers attempt to boost network speed by using additional channels. However, in a residence hall environment where lots of other routers are present, the additional interference of using multiple channels may actually make your connection slower.



Plug your router into the campus network (critical step).

Use the following diagrams to properly connect your router to the campus network. This step is very important. Plugging your router into the wrong port can cause disruptions to the rest of the network, resulting in the loss of network connection privileges.





Help out your neighbor

The wireless airwaves are a shared resource that is used by everyone. In a campus environment, this resource can be abused and depleted very easily by one person. One misconfigured router can cause connection problems for everyone in the immediate area.

If you know your way around a wireless router, offer to help your neighbors get their routers configured properly. You may make a friend, and having everyone's routers configured properly is the best way to ensure the network runs optimally for everyone.



Wiring Diagram

 Correct router setup

Incorrect router setup