Books, Journals, and Videos

The Center's reference area has a variety of resources to assist faculty. Some of the most frequently used materials are listed below. Please visit our lab for additional titles/topics.

Books and Journals

  • Academic Advising as a Comprehensive Campus Process

  • Advising and Learning: Academic Advising from the Perspective of Small Colleges and Universities

  • Advising Students with Disabilities

  • First Year Academic Advising: Patterns in the Present, Pathways to the Future


  • 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors

  • Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching

  • Cooperative Learning for Higher Education Faculty

  • Coping with Misconduct in the College Classroom

  • Dilemmas in Teaching: Cases for Collaborative Faculty

  • Energize your Audience!

  • Evaluating Teaching in Higher Education

  • Games That Teach, Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Training

  • Handbook for College Teaching

  • Improving College Teaching

  • Learning Styles Perspectives

  • Professors Are from Mars, Students Are from Snickers

  • Putting Students at the Center: A Planning Guide to Distributed Learning

  • Student-Assisted Teaching

  • Teaching Tips

  • Technology in Teaching and Learning

  • The Best of The Teaching Professor

  • The Teaching Portfolio

  • The Wireless Professor

  • The Pathway to Success- Developing the Skills to Critical Thinking

  • Turning Professors into Teachers


Electronic Learning/Distance Learning
  • Copyright and Distance Education

  • Creative Teaching at a Distance with Merging Technologies

  • Engaging Students in Distance Learning

  • Handbook for Instructional Design for Distance Learning

  • Teaching Online (A Practical Guide)

  • The Distance Learner's Guide

  • Towards More Effective Open & Distance Teaching

  • Understanding Learners in Open and Distance Education

Service-Learning/Civic Engagement
  • A Practitioner's Guide to Reflection in Service Learning: Student Voices & Reflection

  • Assessing Service Learning and Civic Engagement

  • Civic Engagement across the Curriculum

  • Engaged Institutions: Impacting the Lives of Vulnerable Youth through Place Based Learning

  • Essential Service Learning Resources

  • Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Higher Learning

  • Faculty Guide to Service Learning

  • Faculty Resource Guide: Service Learning as an In Course Option

  • Introduction to Service Learning ToolKit

  • Learning In Deed

  • Rethinking Tradition: Integrating Service with Academic Study on College Campuses

  • Service Learning Curriculum A Guide for Developing Project Management Skills

  • Service Matters: A Sourcebook for Community Service in Higher Education

  • The Complete Guide to Service Learning

  • What's New in Service Learning: Inside and Outside the Classroom

  • Where's the Learning in Service Learning

Research Support
  • Designing and Conducting Survey Research

  • Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology

  • Fundamentals of Statistics

  • How to Use SPSS

  • SPSS for Dummies

  • Statistical Analysis with Excel for Dummies

  • Statistical Inference for Educational Researchers

  • Statistics for Dummies

  • Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

  • Statistics for the Terrified

  • Statistics in Psychology and Education

  • Statistics with Microsoft Excel

Software Support
  • A Guide to Oracle

  • Adobe User guides for Audition, GoLive 6.0, Illustrator, and Photoshop

  • Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

  • Final Cut Pro 3 Tutorials and User's Manuals

  • HTML

  • iMovie for Macintosh

  • Internet Programming (with VBScript and JavaScript)

  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Office 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

  • Microsoft Office XP

  • Microtek ScanWizard Pro User's Guide

  • Paint Shop Pro 9 User Guide

  • Second Life

  • The Little SAS Book

  • Copyright, Faculty, Fair Use, and Digital Age

  • Presentation Skills for Powerful Presentations

  • Serving on: Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Review Committees

  • Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You


Previously recorded Videos/Online Seminars

  • Ask Me to Think (21-Mar-01)

  • Building New Communities of Learners and Teachers (19-Apr-99)

  • Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching (24-Mar-00, 2 hr)

  • Engaging Commuter Students (26-Apr-01, 3 hr)

  • Engaging Students in Learning (6-Mar-03)

  • Faculty on the Front Lines: Reclaiming Civility in the Classroom (8-Apr-99)

  • Forging Educational Partnerships: A Key to Student Learning and Success (27-Apr-00, 3 hr)

  • How Students Learn Versus How Faculty Teach (12-Nov-07)

  • Learning About Learning Communities: Taking Student Learning Seriously (19-Apr-99, 3 hr)

  • Mission: Possible Teaching Strategies to Help Today's Students Realize Their Potential (12-Nov-07)

  • Promote and Protect Academic Integrity on Your Campus (22-Nov-99, )

  • Teaching for Inclusion: Diversity in the College Classroom (Summer, 2001)

  • The Pathway to Success: Developing the Skills to Critical Thinking (13-Nov-98)


Electronic Learning/Distance Learning
  • 10 Ways to Improve Blended Learning Course Design (11-Mar-09, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Cheating and Plagiarism Using the Internet (03-Apr-03, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Control, Conflict, and Courseware: Intellectual Property in Online Education (08-Feb 01, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Copyright in the Digital Millennium (01-Mar-00)

  • Critical Challenges in Distance Education (17-Oct-02, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Exemplary Models of Web Based Learning (7-Nov-99)

  • Faculty Transformation: The Key to the Virtual Campus (23-Sep-99)

  • How to Customize an Online Course (06-Apr-00, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Improving Multimedia and Online Courses with Instructional Design (28-Feb-02, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Innovative Uses of the Web to Enhance Learning (16-Apr-99, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Online Testing: Assessment and Evaluation of Distance Learners (02-Dec-99, 1 hr 30 min)

  • PBS Project ACCESS the Future of Online Student Services (18-Nov-99, 1 hr)

  • Surviving and Thriving in Your First Online Course (18-Oct-01 (1hr 30 min)

  • Using Information Technology in a Traditional Classroom (29-Nov-01, 1 hr 30 min)

  • Using the Web to Enhance the Classroom (16-Apr-98, 2 hr)

  • Videoconferencing: A Basic Guide to Teaching Videoconferencing Equipment (01-Jul-98)

  • Virtual Universities: Online and On Target (03-Feb-00, 1 hr 30 min)


Service-Learning/Civic Engagement
  • Linking Citizenship and Scholarship through Service Learning: A National Imperative (06-Apr-00, 3 hr)

  • Promoting the Public Good: Fulfilling Higher Education's Civic Mission (4-Mar-04)