Professional Growth Opportunities

Online Resources 

The Center offers a variety of online resources through its Moodle course and our site license to Magna Campus. The Magna Campus Southeastern Louisiana University Edition is powered by Magna Publications. Resources include Magna Commons & 20 Minute Mentor Commons, The Teaching Professor Newsletter and Online Classroom Newsletter.

To access our course and the Magna Campus subscriptions, log in to Moodle and choose the Center for Faculty Excellence as your "Course category".



The Center for Faculty Excellence will offer professional development services through workshops, online resources and infosessions on a variety of topics throughout the year. In addition to scheduled events, the Center staff is available for individual consultations and special sessions tailored for departmental needs. To view the list of training options, see our calendar.

Lyceum Lights

Join our series of faculty luncheon lectures designed to illuminate the common interests of faculty from diverse disciplines. These luncheon lectures are held during the Fall and Spring semesters in the new Student Union. To view the current schedule, see our calendar.

Certificates of University Teaching and Learning (CUTL)

Certificates of University Teaching and Learning (CUTL) are offered by the Center to assist you in meeting and documenting your professional goals.  This program allows faculty a structured, concentrated way to expand the practice, art and scholarship of teaching and learning.  These certificates may be included in your professional portfolio as evidence of your continued professional growth in your commitment for teaching excellence.

Portfolio Fair

The Center hosts an annual Portfolio Fair each November. Sample portfolios are displayed and experienced faculty are present to discuss faculty issues on teaching, research and service. The Fair is open to all faculty and focuses on annual evaluations, 3rd year reviews, and the tenure/promotion process. For more information on creating a professional portfolio, click here.

Faculty Conference on Teaching, Research and Creativity

The Center for Faculty Excellence would like faculty to benefit from the teaching experience, knowledge and wisdom of colleagues. One such opportunity is our Faculty Conference on Teaching, Research and Creativity. The conference consists of faculty-led, interactive presentations or demonstrations open to all faculty. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for sharing the successful practices, projects, creative endeavors, and research of our faculty. 

Faculty Conversations

The Center encourages faculty conversations by providing a variety of networking opportunities. Whether through planned sessions or informal, serendipitous encounters in the Center's lab, faculty are encouraged to share ideas and mentor each other as we implement the ideas in our classrooms and beyond.