Rental Policies

General Policy


The University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors has established the following

“When facilities of the institution are used for activities other than those of the
institution, organizations concerned shall be required to reimburse the school for
all costs incurred in connection with the affair, and they shall be further required
to carry sufficient public liability insurance to protect all parties concerned, including
the institution.”

To implement a policy for the use of campus facilities by third party groups and organizations,
Southeastern Louisiana University has adopted the following guidelines:

1. The Director of Auxiliary Services shall have administrative responsibility for
the use of Southeastern’s facilities by third party groups and organizations.

2. In considering the request for the use of a facility by a third party group, first
priority will be given to events scheduled or programmed by the University or University

3. The Division of Auxiliary Services will initially determine whether the facility
requested is available and review any request by third party groups.

4. The Division of Auxiliary Services may ask for a review of any such request.

5. Third party group/organization may not sublease or assign the whole, or any part,
of the leased premises.

6. All requests for use of facilities must be made in writing to the Division of Auxiliary
Services. A Facility Reservation Application must be completed and submitted to the
Division of Auxiliary Services 30 calendar days prior to facility use request date.
Publicity must not be released until written confirmation is received on the facility
requested by Auxiliary Services.

7. Requests must include special equipment necessary for the scheduled event, such
as speaker stands, public address systems, projectors, etc. The Division of Auxiliary
Services recommends a site visit of the facility to ensure the equipment and facility
is appropriate for the needs of the program. Requests for special equipment do not
guarantee availability.

8. Upon approval of requests for use of University facilities by a third party group,
appropriate fees for the facilities will be assessed. This is to include 75% of the
estimated anticipated cost (technician and board light fees, if applicable), plus
the required damage/security deposit. All fees must be paid to Southeastern Auxiliary
Services in the form of cashier’s check or money order thirty (30) days prior to the
date of event. Failure to pay facility use fees thirty (30) calendar days prior to
the scheduled event will cause the event to be cancelled.

9. Third party groups/organizations (lessee) using University facilities agree to
protect, defend, indemnify, save and hold harmless the State of Louisiana, all State
Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions, its officers, agents, servants and
employees, including volunteers, from and against any and all claims, demands, expense
and liability arising out of injury or death to any person or the damage, loss or
destruction of any property which may occur or in any way grow out of any act or omission
of the other party or its agents, servants, and employees, or any and all costs, expense
and/or attorney fees incurred by the other party as a result of any claim, demands,
and/or causes of action except of those claims, demands, and/or causes of action arising
out of the negligence of the State of Louisiana, all State Departments, Agencies,
Boards, Commissions, its agents, representatives, and/or employees. The LESSEE agrees
to investigate, handle, respond to, provide defense for and defend any such claims,
demand, or suit at its sole expense and agrees to bear all other costs and expenses
related thereto, even if it (claims, etc.) is ground-less, false or fraudulent. The
LESSEE shall provide SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY an insurance certificate indicating
that public liability insurance is in force on the account of and for the benefit
of the LESSEE. The University reserves the right to set the minimum limit required
for any event held on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus on a case-by-case
basis. In general, the cost of the special event insurance coverage is based on the
type of event(s) being covered, the number of attendees and the length of the event.
The following is a guide for the level of coverage required:

  • Events with less than 300 attendees $300,000
  • Events with 301-500 attendees $500,000
  • Events with more than 500 attendees $1,000,000

The Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the University thirty (30) days prior
to the commencement of any program or activity in the University facility.

10. The responsibility for security, crowd control, and/or traffic control remains
with the University. The number of police officers required for any event will be
determined by the University and the user will be assessed appropriate fees for such

11. Leases for fundraisers that involve sale of firearms are guided by ACT 324 of
the 2014 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature (Section 2, R.S. 17:3361.1),
in addition to other university requirements as established herein:

If property at a public postsecondary educational institution is leased to a nonprofit
corporation or association for the purpose of holding a fundraising event, the lease
may authorize and provide for the auction and sale of firearms at the event.

 Any such lease shall include, at a minimum, the following conditions:

(1) The firearms to be auctioned are exhibited in a static display at the event.

(2) Campus security is present at the event.

(3) The event shall be held indoors.

(4) The firearms to be auctioned are equipped with a safety lock or other safety feature
that renders the firearm nonoperational.

  1. Furthermore, if property at Southeastern Louisiana University is leased to a third party organization/individual for the purpose of holding a fundraising
    event, the lease may authorize and provide the auction and sale of a limited number
    of firearms at the event as approved by the University and if the following additional mandatory conditions are followed:

(1) The number of Campus Security officers will be determined by the University based
upon the number and type of auction items, as well as other factors as determined
by the University.

(2) The event shall be held indoors and only after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends.

(3) The firearm(s) must be non-operational prior to entering the campus of Southeastern
Louisiana University.

Third party organizations or individuals who fail to comply with the above mandatory conditions are subject to $5,000 in liquidated damages and may be banned from the use of any
University facility for future events and/or activities.

12. Third Party acknowledges receipt of these policies. Southeastern Louisiana University
does not support or condone the planned activity covered in the facility use request.
Any third party groups/organizations allowed the use of University facilities must
abide by University regulations and policies regarding the use of alcohol and food
on the campus.

13. Facility Use/Rental Policy (including Co-Sponsorship Guidelines and Checklist)

A. University organizations include organizations duly chartered and recognized by
the University.
B. University-related organizations include those organizations whose functions and
purposes involve University personnel, alumni, and private citizens and are in general
support of the University and its primary mission.
C. Third Party Groups/Organizations include any group or organization which does not
have a direct relationship to Southeastern Louisiana University with its purpose for
students, faculty and/or staff.

Kinesiology Track Usage Policy


I. General – Rules and Regulations of KHS Track:
• No chairs of any kind, motorized vehicles, or wheeled apparatus (including trucks,
cars, golf carts, mules, ATV’s, wheel barrels, skateboards, rollerblades, strollers,
etc.) of any kind are allowed on the track or beyond the inner fence.

• Only authorized vehicles, as approved in advance by a University Official, may be
allowed within the 6′ outer perimeter fence. Entry is limited to the Northwest, 16′
gate. The University reserves the right to restrict or deny access entirely due to
potential damage to the track area resulting from inclement weather.

• The user agrees to provide adequate and necessary athletic trainers and medical
emergency staff for the event(s). The number of trainers / emergency personnel will
be mutually agreed upon between the facility manager and the facility user and coordinated
prior to the event.
• Access and use of restroom facilities within adjacent buildings is limited to designated
areas within the Kinesiology and Health Studies Building and must have approval at
least 7 days in advance of the event.

• Any user hosting an event of more than 200 people (including participants, observers,
etc.) must provide portable toilets at user’s expense. Location and number of portable
units must receive prior approval from the University. Units must be removed on the
first business day following the event unless alternate arrangements are made and
agreed upon in advance.

• An inspection of the facility, including representatives from both parties, will
take place prior to and immediately following the event. It is the responsibility
of the user to document, through photographs or other means, any existing damage prior
to the event.

• Any damage to the facility will be repaired by University personnel and charged
to the user. User should immediately report damage to equipment / property to University

• No tent stakes or semi-permanent structures will be allowed without prior approval
and marking of utilities. Required permits may take up to 3 days. Any costs associated
with the repair of underground utilities, including labor, materials, and other administrative
costs, resulting from the unauthorized use of stakes or other items will be the responsibility
of the user.

• Tents and umbrellas are not allowed in the viewing stands. Non-stake tents used
by viewers for shade may be placed in the area outside of the track.

• Any and all concession areas must receive prior approval for a designated location.

• User is responsible for ensuring track facility (area within both fences) and restrooms,
if applicable, are maintained throughout the duration of the event.

• Use of the track facility includes the facility ONLY and does not include any equipment,
such as University track equipment, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior
to the event. Use of any such equipment will result in additional costs.

• User is responsible for the safety and security of their equipment. Anything that
is stolen or damaged during the event will be the responsibility of the user.

• No animals are allowed, except for personal service animals.

• No temporary or permanent adhesive materials can be used on the track surface.

• Footwear is limited to tennis shoes, soft soled shoes and ¼” track specific spikes
on the track. No other cleats of any kind.

• Anything to be attached or hung on fencing or bleachers must receive prior approval
and be completely removed at the close of the event. This includes string, rope, tape
or other materials that may have been used to secure banners, signage, etc.

• Any additional services requested of University personnel will be assessed a fee
based on the needs of the event and requested personnel.

• Third party group/organization may not sublease or assign the whole, or any part,
of the track.

• The responsibility for security, crowd control, and/or traffic control remains with
the University Police. For emergencies, contact University Police at 985-549-2222.

• Any third party group/organizations allowed the use of University facilities must
abide by University regulations and policies regarding the use of alcohol and food
on the campus. Outside food or drinks are not allowed at the track facility for any
events. Attendees may be asked to leave the facility if they are found to have outside
food or drinks. With the exception of water in clear bottles, no food or beverages
are allowed inside the fence area immediately around the track. Designated areas for
food are in the stands and outside the track.

• All areas on and around track facility and the Kinesiology and Health Studies Building
are drug, alcohol, weapon, and tobacco free zones. Profanity and horseplay will also
not be tolerated.

• User is expected to be considerate of other groups and the campus community with
the use of music, space, and equipment.

• The adjacent tennis court facility is a separate area and must be reserved as such.
Use of the track does not automatically award use of this area.


Pennington Student Activity Center Usage Policy

It is our pleasure to work with you towards the success of your programs at the Pennington
Student Activity Center.

Please review the following usage guidelines for this facility. Our goal is to provide
you with the highest level of customer service. Our supervisors/graduate assistants
are the frontline managers, and are trusted to enforce all policies and procedures
if assigned to your event. We ask that you work with them if you have any concerns
in the course of your program. Should your expectations not be met while using our
facility, please address any concerns with the leadership of the Pennington Student
Activity Center as outlined below:


Eric Aymond

(985) 549-5727

  • For Southeastern students, faculty, staff and alumni we require the SLU ID for access.
  • You may be denied access if you enter or assist others in entering the facility through
    illegal or unapproved methods.
  • Please report any damage to equipment/property immediately to our supervisors. You
    may be asked to reimburse the facility for repairs or replacement.
  • Only water in clear bottles is allowed beyond our control desk. No exceptions.
  • The only designated point you can eat food is the lobby.
  • Profanity is prohibited in the facility as well as horseplay, tobacco, alcohol, drugs
    and weapons.
  • Please be considerate of other users in the course of the program especially with
    the use of music, space and equipment.
  • Appropriate shoes are required in the gym, aerobics rooms, racquetball courts and
    the fitness room to avoid damage to the floors.
  • In order to maintain the appearance of this facility, please maintain the facility
    as if it were your own.
  • Please distribute this policy to those attending your program and provide us a list
    of participants for your event to assist us in managing/monitoring access to your
  • We require you to acknowledge receipt of this document with your signature in order
    to reserve the facility. Please return the signed document as soon as possible to
    ensure that your event is scheduled.
  • As the event manager, you are responsible for communicating your event’s cancellation,
    registration of participants and/or event signage.

Finally, please reserve the facility well in advance to ensure availability and adequate
time for our staff to prepare for your program needs.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Southeastern’s Facility Policies:



Alcohol Policy