LION UP Recovery

Collegiate Recovery Program


LION UP Recovery has been established to help those students who identify as being in recovery. Through the efforts of the University Counseling Center under the Department of Student Affairs, staff trained with substance use disorders and recovery has put together a CRP (Collegiate Recovery Program). A CRP is a program which offers specialized and strategic support to help students achieve growth and success in their recovery and academic journey. Collegiate Recovery Programs offer this type of support, much like student athletes and veterans receive on college campuses.

Collegiate recovery programs are not designed as treatment programs; they are designed to offer extended recovery support on college campuses so your student has a safe harbor and a community of like minded others to be with. Students are required to attend weekly seminars, attend at least two recovery support meetings a week, attend CRP events including monthly celebration of recovery meetings, sober tailgating etc.


LION UP Collegiate Recovery Program Mission:

LION UP Collegiate Recovery Program at Southeastern Louisiana University will provide a nurturing, affirming environment in which students recovering from addictive disorders can successfully pursue academic, personal, and professional goals for the purpose of enhancing their quality of life and to make meaningful and lasting contributions to society.

LION UP Recovery Core Values

  1. Maintain Recovery

  2. Commitment to academics

  3. Enhance Wellness

  4. Leadership and Civic Engagement


If you would like more information on our current support services please contact our office at 549-3894 or email at