About Dr. Tom Terrell




Thomas Carl Terrell Jr. (Dr. Tom)  -

December 20, 1942 - September 15, 2020 



The Terrell Conference is named in honor of the Leadership in the Mental Health Profession of Dr. Tom Terrell.  As one of one of the founding members of the Louisiana Counseling Association and the #2 Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Louisiana, Tom Terrell set the pace as a professional with his dedication to legislative efforts, advocacy to the profession and his clients, that he served, crisis management and his commitment to the Louisiana Counseling Association. His service to the Southeastern Louisiana University Counseling Center lives on today. The University Counseling Center carries the International Accreditation of College Counseling Centers which was first acquired under the leadership of Dr. Tom Terrell.


We admire his years of humble dedication to service and we hope that the example he gave will
encourage even greater dedication and integrity towards the profession of counseling. The Terrell Conference Committee is grateful to Tom Terrell and his family for increasing the significance of our yearly conference by allowing us to create a conference in his name. 


Additionally, the Terrell Conference presents the Terrell award  as a way to recognize a professional counselor for his or her commitment and service to the counseling service industry. The spirit of the award is to recognize a professional counselor who has demonstrated service through keen crisis management, effective leadership, legislative presence, and commitment to higher education and the Louisiana Counseling Association. A tradition of the Terrell Conference is to present an honored professional with the Terrell Award. Terrell Award nominations are usually sought in the spring before the January Terrell Conference.