When can I start using my meal plan?

Meal plan swipes for Fall 2021 will begin on Sunday, August 15th in the Mane Dish.
All other dining locations will start their Fall 2021 schedules on Wednesday, August

Are meals at the Mane Dish published in advance?

Yes, Mane Dish menus are posted on the Campus Dish website here and on monitors in the Student Union to help guests in selecting menu items in advance.

What is Cub Cash?

Cub Cash can be used at all dining locations, including all campus markets.  If you
have a Meal Plan, your meals will be consumed at the Mane Dish and your Cub Cash will
be used at all other campus dining locations.  If you run low on meals with your Meal
Plan, you can purchase meals from the Mane Dish using Cub Cash.

Cub Cash and Lion’s Lagniappe are NOT the same.  Cub Cash is associated with meal
plans and can only be used at campus dining locations.  Lion’s Lagniappe can be used
on campus at dining locations, the Bookstore, Health Center, Document Source Print
& Mail Center, vending machines, copy machines, and more.

Are to-go options from the Mane Dish available?

Yes, the Mane Dish offers to-go meals.  Just ask the staff member upon entry for a
to-go box. Only one box is issued per meal.

Do meals at the Mane Dish expire?

Yes.  If you have a resident meal plan any unused meals will be forfeited at the end
of the semester.  When selecting your meal plan each semester, it’s important to consider
things like lifestyle habits, how many meals each day you typically eat, how oftern
you will be on campus during the weekend, etc. to help you choose the meal plan and
number of meals that will allow you to maximize your investment.

Does Cub Cash expire?

For resident meal plans, unused Cub Cash will roll over between the Fall and Spring
semesters. However, any unused balance at the end of the Spring semester will be forfeited.
With a commuter meal plan, Cub Cash will roll over until used. However, if your commuter
meal plan is left dormant for over one year, it will expire.
It is important to track your Cub Cash balance to make sure your spend your available
balance before the end of the Spring semester.  Cub Cash balances can be tracked using
GET by downloading the GET Mobile app or by creating an account at www.southeastern.edu/GET.

Can I order food for pickup?

Yes!  Faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to download the free Grubhub app which allows users to place pickup orders ahead of time at each of our retail

How can I change my meal plan?

 Students can change meal plans in LEONet before the first day of classes. During
the first two weeks of classes, meals plans can be changed by contact Dining Services
at [email protected] or (985) 549-2286.


Dining Services takes thoughtful and purposeful steps to help to ensure the health
and safety of the entire campus community. Safety remains the department’s highest
priority and will guide our efforts in providing an exceptional dining experience
for all of our dining customers.