Choosing a Service for Mailing

Express Mail – Letters, large or thick envelopes, tubes and packages containing mailable items can be sent using Express Mail. Discounted rates for local zones are available. This guaranteed service includes tracking and insurance up to $100. Additional insurance may be purchased. Delivery to most destinations is available 365 days a year, with no extra charge for Saturday.  Free Express Mail envelopes and boxes can be obtained at the University Post Office or by internet at Delivered 2 days (next day is no longer guaranteed).

Express Mail International (Formerly Global Express Mail) – This guaranteed service includes tracking and insurance up to $100. Additional insurance may be purchased. Customs Form required. Sender must complete and print the form prior to bringing to the University Mail Center to mail. The customs form can be found at Sender may also ship by weight up to 70 pounds (refer to Delivered in 3-5 business days.

Domestic Priority Mail – Priority mail shipped to APO/FPO outside of the United States require Customs Forms.  Priority Mailing options by weight are also available. Price will reflect the zone of the destination. Priority Mail not packaged in Official USPS Priority Packaging may be subject to Balloon Rate or Dimensional Weight Pricing. Free Priority Mail envelopes, boxes and tubes are available at the Document Source. Delivered in 2-3 days.

Priority Mail International (Formerly offered as Airmail Parcel Post, Economy Parcel Post, and Global Priority Mail) Available to over 190 countries for items weighing up to the country’s maximum weight limit.  Customs Form required. Refer to IMM for list of countries that accept Registered Mail. Flat-rate box options are available to Canada and to all other countries. Sender may also ship by weight up to 70 pounds (refer to Tracking available, limited indemnity coverage provided at no extra cost, insurance available for a fee. Average delivery 6-10 days to major destinations.

First-Class Mail – Postcards, letters, large envelopes and packages containing mailable items can be sent using First Class Mail. This service is typically used for personal business correspondence and bills. Delivered in 3 days or less. For non-machinable characteristics, visit the USPS Physical Standards requirements and scroll to section 2.0.

First-Class Mail International (Formerly Airmail Letter Post and Economy Letter Post) – All surcharges, dimensional weight and balloon rates now apply to international as well as domestic mail services.  For complete list of countries by Rate Group, refer to the International Mail Manual (IMM), available at the University Mail Center or at

Domestic Postcards – Standard postcard sizes range from 3 1/2”-4 1/4 x 6″.  Postcards larger than the standard but not exceeding 6 1/8” x 11 1/2″ are subject fo full First Class Postage Rates. Postcards that exceed the maximum limits are assessed an additional surcharge.

Media Mail – Small and large packages, thick envelopes and tubes can be sent using Media Mail. Contents are limited to books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes and computer media (such as CDs, DVDs and diskettes). Sometimes called “Book Rate”, Media Mail cannot contain advertising. Media Mail is less expensive than Parcel Post.

Bound Printed Matter – Small and large packages and thick envelopes can be sent using this service. Contents are limited to permanently bound sheets of director, advertising or editorial matter, such as catalogs or phone books. Bound Printed Matter is less expensive than Parcel Post.

Library Mail – Mail that meets the standards for Package Service. Library Mail rates are based on the weight of each addressed piece without regard to zone. Each piece of Library Mail must show in the address or the return address, the name of the following:

– A School, College or University

– Public Library

– Philanthropic (Charitable) Organization

– Fraternal Organizational or Association