Steps to Receive Financial Aid

Step 1: Receive Award

Once your financial aid application file is complete, you will receive an award notification to your Southeastern email directing you to view, accept, or decline your financial aid award on your LEONet account. 

Step 2: Complete Entrance Counseling and Promissory Note

If you are accepting loans as a first-time borrower with Southeastern you will need to complete and submit the applicable promissory note(s) and entrance counseling. Your aid will not disburse until this is complete. 

Step 3: Authorize use of Title IV Funds for Non-Institutional Charges

To authorize Southeastern to disburse Title IV funds to your student account for your non-institutional charges (i.e. parking decals, library fines, parking fines, Southeastern Payment Plan (SPP), etc.), you must first complete a one-time online authorization

You may accept/decline this authorization on your LEONet account under Self Service > Financial Aid Authorization.  

Step 4: Complete Fee Payment

You can view your account balance on your LEONet account under Campus Finances > Account Inquiry. All outstanding charges, as well as pending financial aid is listed. You should review the Fee Payment FAQ's for further details. 

Step 5: Receive Disbursement

After completion of fee payment, your funds are ready for disbursement to your student account. If your semester funds are in excess of your semester charges, you may receive the excess in the form of a refund. Southeastern partners with BankMobile for all refund payments and processing. 

Step 6: Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

You will need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue receiving aid. Details on this policy can be found at There are additional financial aid policies in place that could prevent you from maintaining the receipt of financial aid. Please familiarize yourself with these policies.