College of Education Residential Learning Community Cohort

University Housing and The College of Educationare partners in providing Education Majors living in University Housing the opportunity to interact with faculty and fellow Education majors outside of the classroom. This program allows students to learn more about their future career, share supplemental experiences to material learned in the classroom and form small group learning communities. 

Potential Benefits of participation in the Cohort may include: 

  • Faculty Interaction outside of the academic classroom.
  • Career Exploration/ Presentation by College of Eductaion Alumni.tree
  • Roundtable discussion groups with upperclassmen students.
  • Field Trip to Louisiana specific Educational sites.
  • Resume building opportunities. 


Dinner Group Photo

Upcoming Events

January 24: Kick-off dinner in the Mane Dish 5:30 PM
February 21: Catered Dinner in TEC conference room with Doctoral students (incide EDL 880) 6 PM
March 14: Advising Sessions in TEC 2015; 5:30 PM
April 11: Passport Preparation Session; 5:30 PM
May 2: Snoezelen Tours/ Finals Prep


Previous Events

  • Biweekly Meetings (Fall 2015)
    Dinner with College of Education Faculty (August 26, 2015)
  • Field Trip to Louisiana Children's Musem in New Orleans, LA (November 10, 2015)
  • Teacher Tuesday, January 26:5 PM  Dinner in the Mane Dish with Faculty
    Topic: Academic Excellence
  • Teacher Tuesday, February 23: 5PM Cancelled due to weather related campus closure.
  • Teacher Tuesday, March 22: 5PM   Topic: Road-Mapping your Career 
    Teacher Tuesday, April 26: 5PM    Topic: Passport
  • Dinner with Faculty: August 17 at 5 PM 
  • Wednesday, September 14: 5 PM Dinner in the Mane Dish with Education Faculty
    Wednesday, October 5: 6 PM Advising in the TEC with Education Faculty
    Wednesday, November 9: 5 PM- 7 PM Student Panel (Upperclassmen panelists share thoughts/ answer questions of underclassmen.)
    Wednesday, November 30: Tour of Snoezelen 1 PM - 5 PM 

Event Photos

Spring 2017 Event Photos

Group photo from dinner

Secial Guests

Table @ Dinner


Professional Educator Dinner 

Advising Session

Advising Session


Fall 2016 Event Photos

COE dinner

Student table



advising 2

Student Panel


Panel 2


Spring 2016 Event Photos

Dinner with faculty


Teacher Tuesday Diner in TEC


Dinner with Dean





Fall 2015 Event Photos

COE activity

Faculty Dinner

Faculty table


LCM trip


LCM trolly