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The RHA Executive Board

The Southeastern Louisiana University Residence Hall Association is an on-campus organization that encourages residents to play an active role in residential life by advocating for residents, providing events within the residence halls, and offer leadership opportunities to improve the residents on campus experience and life after Southeastern Louisiana University. These students have committed to providing quality programs, events, and 

Qualifications to apply for Executive Board members:

  • 2.7 GPA
  • Live on campus
  • Complete an Application for the RHA Executive Board

Fall 2018 Executive Board

Jenna Haddican, President
Major: International Management
Classification: Sophomore
Darrielle Frazier, Vice President of Marketing
Major: Business Administration
Classification: Sophomore 
Micah Mims, Vice President of Marketing
Major: Political Science
Classification: Sophomore 
Barbara bach, Co-Vice President of Fundraising/Philantrophy
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
Daryl Julien, Vice President of Business Affairs
Major: Communication
Classifiaction: Senior

Resident Assistant Support and Advisor

RHA's Resident Assistant Committee is composed of resident assistants that work for University Housing and serve as members of Residence Hall Association. The Resident Assistant Committee will oversee RHA programs, as well as the delegates and any policy concerns.


Fall 2018 Committee

Allie Fenery, Resident Assistant 2 & National Communications Coordinator (NCC)
Major: Organizational Communications
Classification: Senior 
Amanda Costales, Advisor to the President
Major: Information Technology
Classification: Senior 
Kristen Calfee, Advisor to Marketing
Major: Marketing
Classification: Senior

Brianna Carter, Advisor to Funraising and Philantrophy
Major: Health Systems Management

Zachary Sparks, Advisor to Business Affairs
Major: History

Tarra Thomas, Main Advisor
Assistant Director for Training and Programing 

Schedule of Events

Upcoming Events:


 Talent Under Twinkle Light- September 5th, 2018 @ 6:30pm, 12 oaks Courtyard

General Assembly Meeting Dates and Times

Spring 2018:

February 7th @6PM Student Union 2203

March 7th @6PM Student Union 2203

April 11th @6PM Student Union 2203




Fall 2018 Meeting Minutes

General Assembly 8.28.18

Spring 2019 Meeting Minutes