Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is a student-led organization that empowers on-campus residents to play an active role in their residence halls through educational and social programming, service, leadership opportunities, and residential community enhancements. All residents are already members of RHA, but participation is voluntary and necessary to be considered an active member. Check out our list of activities below to get involved with YOUR RHA!

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RHA Constitution

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What is RHA?  

The RHA Executive Board

The RHA Executive Board members are appointed through an interview process and are eligible to become actively involved with Hall Councils. RHA helps to promote a positive living-learning environment in the residence halls by coordinating and creating educational, social, recreational, cultural, and scholastic opportunities within the halls. These residents are not Resident Assistants and have met the qualifications to apply for an Executive Board position.

Qualifications to apply for Executive Board members:
2.7 GPA
Live on campus
Complete an Application for the RHA Executive Board

Exec Board 2016-2017
Fall 2016 Executive Board

Kristen Stamp, President
Sophomore, Nursing Major

Kirsten Lecompte, Vice President for Public Relations
Sophomore, Nursing Major

Zachary Rogers, Vice President for Communications
Junior, History Major

J'Micah Wilson, Vice President for Involvement
Junior, Athletic Training Major

Resident Assistant Support and Advisor

RHA's Resident Assistant Committee is composed of resident assistants that work for University Housing and serve as members of Hall Council. The Resident Assistant Committee will oversee Hall Council programs, as well as the delegates and any policy concerns.

 RA RHA Support

Fall 2016 Committee

Calyn Landaiche, Resident Assistant 2 & National Communications Coordinator
Junior, Social Studies Major

Kristen Calfee, Resident Assistant 1 & Historian Chair
Sophomore, Marketing Major


Christine Peairs, Resident Assistant 1 & Social Media/ Web Design Chair
Senior, Nutrition Major

DeQuaz Humphries, Resident Assistant 1 & Fundraising Chair
Junior, Psychology Major

Scott Cooper, Resident Assistant 1 & Community Service Chair
Senior, History Major

Blake Thomas, Advisor
Area Coordinator for University Housing

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events:

Fall  2016: RHA list of events



Executive Board Description


  • Co-facilitate general Hall Council meetings

  • Co-facilitate executive board meetings

  • Co-facilitate Hall Council retreat

  • Provide agendas for general and executive board meetings

  • Have weekly one-on-one meetings with the Advisor and RA2

  • Meet regularly with executive board members (one-on-one)

  • Attend all Hall Council events and meetings

  • Serve as SELU Hall Council liaison for NACURH

  • Serve as Hall Council Liaison for the Office of Student Engagement


Vice President for Communications:

  • Record and distribute minutes of executive board and general hall council meetings

  • Make sure minutes are uploaded to website

  • Maintain record of attendance at meetings and events

  • Maintain membership roster and contact information

  • Meet regularly with President and RA2

  • Attend all general and executive board meetings

  • Attend all Hall Council events


Vice President for Involvement:

  • Recruit residents to attend Hall Council meetings and events

  • Coordinate Hall Council informational/interest meetings and retreats

  • Oversee the distribution of welcome letters to new members

  • Oversee the Hall Council display board

  • Meet regularly with President and RA2

  • Attend all general and executive board meetings

  • Attend all Hall Council events


Vice President for Public Relations:

  • Create online newsletter

  • Oversee all marketing and advertising materials

  • Submit publications to Lions Roar

  • Meet regularly with President and RA2

  • Attend all general and executive board meetings

  • Attend all Hall Council events