Housing Options

 Live comfortably in one of our residential facilities!Housing Picture

Southeastern's housing community offers something for everyone. You may choose to live in one of our residence halls which feature double room or single-suite room options.  Double rooms are double-occupancy while our single-suite rooms feature single-occupancy private bedrooms. With either option you will share a bathroom facility with only one other person. 

Note: Zachary Taylor Hall, which features single and double rooms, offers a community bathroom equipped with showers. Cardinal Newman Hall offers 4 person Double-Suite style living in which 4 students share a bathroom.



  • All rooms are fully furnished with moveable furniture so you can be creative in the design of your own space! Need help finding extra-long sheets? Try Residence Hall Linens!
  • All facilities equipped with cable, internet, and all utility services (water, sewer, trash disposal,etc). Wireless internet service currently being installed (Anticipated finish date for all facilities is November 2016).
  • Because personal cell phones are the primary means of communication for our residential students, basic phone connections are available in only a limited number of rooms throughout the residential community. Requests for a room assignment with a basic phone connection can be made at the University Housing office located in Pride Hall or via email at universityhousing@southeastern.edu
  •  With the exception of Pride Hall and Village M, all residential facilities are coed. Room and apartment unit assignments are gender-specific.
  • Qualified students may also consider Southeastern Oaks, our on-campus apartments. Southeastern Oaks features 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom options with a living room and full kitchen. 

Look through the list to discover the living options, amenities, and advantages that best fit your needs and style. Click on each option to find out more!


Facility Theme/ Priority Available Room Types
 Cardinal Newman  Coed, Shared, (priority to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Majors) Double-Suite
Pride Hall Female Only Double, Triple
Louisiana Hall Coed, Honors (23 on ACT or 3.2 collegiate GPA) Double
Livingston Hall Coed, Private, Honors (23 on ACT or 3.2 collegiate GPA) Single-Suite
Village M Residence Hall Female Only, Potential Greek Residents Double
Washington Hall Coed Single-Suite
St. Tammany Hall Coed, Community Service Programming Single-Suite
Taylor Hall Coed, Priority to Music Majors, Band Members, Athletes,etc. Double, Triple
Hammond Hall Coed Double, Triple
Tangipahoa Hall Coed, Priority to Business Majors. Double, Triple
Southeastern Oaks Coed, 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments (30 credit hours required and 2.3 collegiate GPA) Single-Apartment
The Village Active Greek residents Double
Zachary Taylor Hall Coed Double and Single





 Explanation of Room Types



One room shared by two students with both students sharing an in-room bath. 
(Louisiana, Pride, Hammond, Tangipahoa, Taylor, Village M, and Greek Village)

Double- Suite

One suite with two separate bedrooms (shared by four students).  Two separate bed spaces and an in-room bath are shared by all residents (Cardinal Newman Hall).


One suite with separate bedrooms for each student with both sharing an in-room bath. (Livingston, St. Tammany and Washington Halls)


One apartment shared by four students.  Each student has a bedroom; two students share an in-room bath on each side of the apartment. (Southeastern Oaks Apartments)


One room shared by three students.  One in-room bath is shared by all three students. (Limited triple rooms are available, they are in Hammond, Tangi, Taylor, and Pride)