Cardinal Newman Hall

Cardinal Newman Hall is a coed residence hall featuring double suites. It is located in the near White Hall and is home to approximately 96 residents.

Features include: 

  • Main floor laundry

  • First floor lounge

  • Outside seating

Each room in Cardinal Newman Hall contains the following items for each resident: 

  • A twin size bed

  • Desk

  • Chair

  • Armoire

  • High-speed Internet connection (Ethernet)

  • Basic cable

Roommates share a sink and mirror. Suitemates (4 residents) share a tub/shower and toilet.


Cardinal Newman

Average Measurements and details:

Room Size: 13' wide X 20" long. (Door to Bed is 9ft.- Bed to window is 11 ft.
Window:  11 ft. wide X 5 ft. 5 in. long.
Bed Height: 30 inches.
Closets: 3 ft.each with 1 ft. 2inches on each side.
Plug ins:  3 in room and  1 by sink.