Employee Fee Waiver


Authorization to Take University Classes


For approval, employees are required to submit to the Human Resources Office an "Application for Employee Fee Waiver/Authorization to Take University Classes" form each semester no later than the 14th class day. This request must include ALL classes the employee will be taking, whether or not they involve their work schedule or an employee fee waiver. The employee must be admitted to the University before completing the form. Employees may only take one class from the Approved Training Class List during their regular work schedule. Faculty and staff members who are currently employed full-time with the University by the last date of registration for the semester in which the enrollment is requested, are eligible for a fee waiver for up to six hours per semester at a reduced charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Subject to the approval of their supervisors, employees are allowed to take only one class per semester from the Approved Training Class List, for which class time does not have to be made up. Employees must make up time when taking more than one class either from the Approved Training Class List or other classes not on the list. Employees who are required to make up time missed for classes must have their supervisors' approval of a modified work schedule. In all cases, proper office coverage must be provided when employees are attending classes. This schedule must include the appropriate amount of travel time to and from class. Employees may only use 15 minutes of a 45-minute meal break to make up class time. Meal breaks must be at least 30 minutes. Employees taking classes that are not on their respective Approved Training Class List must document time out for class by utilizing the TimeCenter System (i.e. Classified employees must clock in and out and Unclassified employees must complete the appropriate exceptions logs).

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If you have any questions regarding Fee Waivers or Authorization to Take Classes, please contact the Benefits Section of the Human Resources Office at Ashley.Buchanan@southeastern.edu or 549-2057. Please send the completed forms to the Human Resources Office, Room 100 (Benefits Section). The Human Resources Office is located in Building NCHR, on North Campus