Office of Group Benefits Mandate for Change to

Dependent Verification Policy


Government auditors recently noted the Office of Group Benefits’ (OGB) oversight in not obtaining verification of plan members’ dependents and are requiring OGB to take corrective action this year.


In response, OGB has implemented a new policy effective July 1, 2008, that requires all active and retired employees to provide written proof that each dependent now covered or wanting to add is an actual legal dependent.


During April 2008, OGB plan members have an opportunity to voluntarily drop ineligible dependents from coverage with no questions asked and no penalties.


BetweenAugust 1, 2008, andNovember 30, 2008, all employees MUST present appropriate written verification for all currently covered dependents to their agency. Retirees must mail documents directly to OGB. Coverage for unverified dependents will be terminated effective December 31, 2008.


The Office of Group Benefits’ is aware this is a complex issue and may cause plan members some inconvenience. To make the process easier, instructions to explain what to do if you have covered dependents is being mailed to all plan members by OGB.


We urge you to review and comply with this policy. The consequences for failing to do so are significant and can easily be avoided.


Per the Office of Group Benefits, if a plan member fails to provide proof of dependency as requested by November 30, 2008, coverage for each unverified dependent will be terminated effective December 31, 2008. The Office of Group Benefits will investigate the authenticity of dependents dropped from coverage due to failure to provide verification and will pursue legal remedies to recover claims paid and the State’s share of premiums paid for ineligible dependents.


If you have questions about the dependent verification policy, contact OGB Customer Service toll-free 1-800-272-8451 or contact the Human Resources Office at 5451, 5655, or 2587.


It may take several months to obtain necessary documents to verify the status of your dependents. For information about recovering copies of lost vital records, visit the OGB website,


Also, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals/Office of Public Health web-site provides information on obtaining vital records for the state.


To obtain documents from other states’ vital records offices, visit the link to the Centers for Disease Contol (CDC).