Worker’s Compensation

Southeastern Louisiana University Worker’s Compensation Policy


  1. If the employee has an accident/incident while at work, please complete the Southeastern
    Incident form. Please click here for a copy of the Southeastern Incident form. This report is used whether the employee seeks medical treatment or not. The employee’s
    supervisor needs to complete the Management section on page 2 of the Southeastern
    Incident form. This section must be completed for every accident/incident that occurs,
    regardless if the employee received medical treatment. Once the forms have been completed,
    please forward the forms to the Human Resources Office, SLU 10799 or North Campus
    NCHR (Room 100) as soon as possible.
  2. If the employee needs medical treatment, please call the Human Resources Office at
    549-5655 to report the accident/incident and obtain authorization. A Choice of Physician
    Form needs to be completed by the employee. Please click here for a copy of the Choice of Physician Form. 
  3. Once the employee has received medical treatment, the Employee Accident/Incident Report,
    Medical Authorization Form, and any discharge instructions, etc. are forwarded to
    the Human Resources Office, SLU 10799, or North Campus NCHR.

If you have any questions concerning the above procedures, please contact the Human
Resources Office at (985)549-5655.