University Approved Training Classes for Clerical/Office EEO Classification


Training Program



Course Course Description Prerequisites
ACCT 200 Financial Accounting Soph standing
ACCT 221 Intermediate Financial Accounting I C or better in ACCT 200 & 2.1 Cum. GPA
ACCT 225 Managerial Accounting ACCT 200
ACCT 312 Intermediate Financial Accounting II C or better in ACCT 221 & Junior
ACCT 313 Intermediate Financial Accounting III C or better in ACCT 312 & Junior
COMM 211 Intro to Public Speaking None
COMM 215 Intro to Interpersonal Communication None
COMM 413 Advanced Speaking for the Professional COMM 210 or 211
COMM 417 Web Page Communication and Design Requires Instructor Authorization
COMM 418 Small Group Communications Junior
CMPS 110 Computer Literacy None
CMPS 120 Microcomputers & BASIC Programming Reg/credit for MATH 155 or 161 or 165
CMPS 161 Algorithm Design and Implementation I Reg/credit for MATH 161 or 155 or permission of Dept. Head
CMPS 225 Software Applications MATH 241 or equal and CMPS 110
CMPS 233 Desk Top Publishing CMPS 110 or permission of Dept. Head
CMPS 234 Intro to Applications of Database Mgmt Systems CMPS 110, 151 or permission of Dept. Head
CMPS 235 Website Design and Construction CMPS 235, or permission of Instructor
CMPS 262 COBOL Programming Reg/credit for MATH 155, 161 or 165
CMPS 280 Algorithm Design and Implementation II CMPS 161 and C or better in MATH 155 or 161
CMPS 383 Information Systems CMPS 285
CMPS 389 Computer Graphics MATH 200 & CMPS 270 or 280
ECON 201 Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)  
ECON 202  Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)  
ECON 333 Introduction to Money and Banking ECON 201 and 202 and Junior standing, or ECON 102 and Junior standing
ENGL 101 Freshman Composition Placement
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing ENGL 101 or 121H or demonstration of superior ability on the ACT
ENGL 322 Intro to Professional and Technical Writing ENGL 102 or 122H
 FIN 381 Business Finance Junior standing and Accounting 200
HS 132 Personal Health None
LS 102 Intro to Information Research None
MATH 105 Finite Mathematics score of 19 or above on Mathematics section of the ACT or appropriate score on COMPASS exam or satisfactory completion of a developmental Math course
MATH 151 College Algebra with Fundamentals score of 19 or above on Mathematics section of the ACT or appropriate score on COMPASS exam or satisfactory completion of a developmental Math course
MATH 161 College Algebra Score of 21 Math Section of ACT, DVMA 92, or an appropriate score on the Developmental Placement Test
MATH 162 Trigonometry MATH 155 or 161
MATH 163 Calculus for the Biological, Business, and Social Sciences MATH 161 or 155 or ACT 28 or higher
MATH 185     
MATH 200 Calculus I Score of 28 on Math section of ACT or MATH 165
MATH 201 Calculus II MATH 200
MATH 241 Elementary Statistics MATH 161 or 155 or ACT 28 or higher
BLAW 231 The Legal Environment of Business None
BLAW 232 Business Law None
BLAW 333 Commercial Law for Accountants Major in accounting and/or CPA candidate, Junior standing and BLAW 234
OMIS 210 Business Statistical Models II MATH 241 or OMIS 200
OMIS 320 Principles of Supply Chain Management OMIS 200 or MATH 241 and Junior standing
OMIS 350 Mgmt Information Systems CMPS 110 or MGMT 210
OMIS 430 Production and Operations Management MGMT 351 and OMIS 210 or OMIS 200 or consent of Dept. Head
MGMT 210 Microcomputer Applications for Business None
MGMT 220 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications for Business Personnel MGMT 210
MGMT 240 Business Communication MGMT 210
MGMT 351 Principles of Management


MGMT 425 Introduction to International Business Senior standing
MGMT 464 Business Strategy Management 351, Finance 381, Marketing 303, OMIS 200 and Senior standing
MGMT 478 Leadership Management 351; Senior standing, or permission of Dept. Head
MRKT 303 Principles Marketing Junior standing
MRKT 314 Public Relations  
MRKT 319 Consumer Behavior Marketing 303 and Junior standing
MRKT 321 Personal Selling Junior standing
MRKT 310 Foundations of Marketing Design Junior standing
MRKT 373 Social Media and Digital Marketing MRKT 303
MRKT 432 Marketing Research MRKT 303 and OMIS 200 or MATH 241
MRKT 444 Marketing Management MRKT 303 and Senior standing
SAFT 202 General Safety Education None