Classes and events at Southeastern WILL RESUME as of 12:30 p.m. However, with inclement weather expected through the remainder of the day, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to exercise caution and use good judgment when making travel decisions. The call to shelter in place HAS BEEN LIFTED.

Accidents With Injury

  1. Call Human Resources at (985)549-5655 immediately.
  2. An Authorization for Initial/Emergency Medical Treatment form will need to be completed by a representative of the Human Resources Office. This is a two-page form. The first page is to given to the medical provider. The second page Disposition of Patient needs to be completed by the attending physician and returned to the Human Resource Office.
  3. A Choice of Physician Form needs to be completed by the employee. This form is to be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.
  4. A Southeastern Incident form needs to be completed in full. Both the employee and Supervisor need to sign this report. This report is to be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.

NOTE: Employees need to tell the hospital, medical facility, pharmacy, etc. that this is to be filed as a Worker's Compensation claim. They can verify this by contacting (985)549-5655.

Please do not use private medical or hospitalization insurance.

For more information call (985)549-5655.